The Leftovers Will Be Bringing Us One Final Mind-Boggling Season

The Leftovers has been a roller coaster of a TV show. The slow, painstaking build-up of the first season was an intense journey for sure—the story is based around the aftermath of a mysterious event that causes 140 million people to vanish into thin air, focusing specifically on the Garvey family and how it has affected their lives. The mystery is bafflingly weird (where did everyone go??) and the story is complex, but the ultimate mesmerizing payoff of the finale makes it all worth it. Honestly watching that finale was like getting punched in the face over and over—but, like, in a good way!

Season 2 builds on that intensity and the show itself seems to mature a lot—there was something a more subtle and poetic about it, which was a bit of a contrast to the explosive first season. It was a lot more character driven too—we followed the story of the Garveys and their new neighbours very closely, and the show-stopping performances got you absolutely hooked. Every single episode was riveting.

So if you’ve been following The Leftovers, news of a third season will be extremely exciting to say the least. Does a final season mean we’ll finally be getting some answers? It would be huge if we found out exactly what’s been going on, and where all those people went, but honestly the actual solving of the mystery isn’t the most important part of The Leftovers. This show is about the journey—it’s about the people left behind and how they coped, and it should leave you sitting on your sofa wondering what you would do and think if something so odd and catastrophic happened in the real world. If the first two seasons were anything to judge by, the third and final act in this saga will probably be an absolutely showstopper—literally.