Here’s where we are after last week’s cliffhanger: Chandler and Tex have been captured by Ruskov, leaving Slattery in charge of the Nathan James. And Dr. Scott might be close to a vaccine.

Chandler actually looks anxious as he’s escorted onto the Russian ship. But when they start carting Tex off, he demands to know what’s going on. “Answer me!” he shouts at a Russian officer. Who responds: “You don’t give the orders around here!” Ouch.

Chandler meets Ruskov, who’s having dinner with Quincy’s family. Ava, Quincy’s daughter, asks if her father is there. Chandler says no, but that he “tried very hard to be here himself.” Yeah, by almost killing everyone on the Nathan James.

Ava leaves, and Ruskov demands to know Dr. Scott’s progress with the vaccine. But Chandler won’t speak. He just keeps repeating the same mantra: “My name is Thomas Chandler, Commander, United States Navy, serial number 4242022634.”

Back on the Nathan James, Slattery is still trying to locate Chandler and Tex—there’s no sign of them. But Slattery figures Ruskov must be close. If he has the captain, he’s going to suggest a trade: Chandler for Dr. Scott.

In the lab, Scott explains to Bertrise why she’s immune. On most people, the virus attaches to receptors on a healthy human cell. But Bertrise’s receptors are free-floating, and flush out the virus without ever giving it access to the cell.

Then Mason knocks on the door—remember, he was the one who insisted they rescue Bertrise. He just wants to say hello. Is a romance brewing here?

Ruskov calls Slattery. He wants Dr. Scott. Anything short of her delivery—and her work—will result in the deaths of both Chandler and Tex. Oh, and Slattery only has 10 minutes to comply. Or Ruskov will also nuke the Nathan James.

Unaware that any of this is happening, Scott is having a good day in the lab. Actually, a great day. Her tests worked! The final monkey didn’t die, and appears to be immune to the virus.

Slattery and Greene are working out a plan of attack when Scott barges in. She has the vaccine! Meaning she’s no longer essential on the Nathan James. Meaning they can hand her over to Ruskov, if that’s what will stop the violence. “We all know he’ll chase us to the ends of the earth,” she says, “This is the only way to stop him.”

But let’s get real: that probably won’t stop him. Ruskov orders the Americans to deliver Scott via RIB, at coordinates way out of radar range. The Russians will pick her up via helicopter.

Meanwhile, Tex and Chandler are locked in a cage, and are looking pretty downtrodden. Still, Chandler suspects (slash hopes) Slattery will be paying them a visit.

Greene and Cossetti work out a way to sink the Russian ship. It’s going to be a tricky job: one misstep and they could cause a nuclear meltdown. Which is why Greene wants Cossetti on the mission. “Like I said, you’re part of my team,” he tells his newest recruit. Cossetti looks pumped.

Over in the lab, Burk gives Scott some guns. This is clearly not her realm—she seems freaked. They hide the weapons in her case under a bunch of test tubes and other dork stuff. Slattery then explains to Scott that the Russians will pick her up by helicopter. She looks like she might cry—but he tells her he’ll see her for breakfast. So they do have a plan brewing!

Scott arrives on the Russian ship. After patting her down, the sailors want to check her case. She opens the lid, and they start poking around. But when she snaps at them to be careful—there are virus samples in there!—they leave it alone.

And did we mention there’s a tracking device in her life jacket? The Russians didn’t notice that, either: they just got her to throw it off onto the deck.

Ruskov is pleased to meet Scott, but she says she won’t do any work until she sees the prisoners. The Russians open a door, and Chandler and Tex walk in. “What the hell are you doing here?” Chandler asks. At which point Scott runs over and plants a big, rom-com-esque kiss on his face! We’re guessing this is all part of the plan, but neither seems to mind making out.

Smooch complete, Scott demands that the captives be released. But before Ruskov will let them go, Scott must prove she brought her work.

Down in the Russian lab, the Norwegian scientist is very excited to see Scott. He says his name is Neil Sorensen, and he’d invite her inside but it’s such a mess. The Russians are supposed to clean up every day, and he tells them that the UV light kills the virus, but…

Then it dawns on Scott: this guy is infected! But he’s not symptomatic. Which means it was him! He was the one who weaponized the virus! Neil insists he didn’t weaponize it: he added his gene to the virus to make himself immune—without realizing that would make him a carrier. Scott is disgusted. He killed 4 billion people and never came forward. And now he wants the glory of finding the cure.

But Scott tells him it’s too late for glory—she already made the vaccine.

Back in the cage, Tex is miffed about the kiss. But Chandler pulls a little folded paper out of his mouth. Scott was just trying to pass him instructions! (Although we’re guessing there’s more to it than that.) The note says “Ladder Room, Port Side, 0400.” And there was also a razor blade inside.

Ruskov is furious with the Norwegian for wasting his time. He has his men detain one of his top officers, and Dr. Scott injects him with her formula. Then they shove him in the lab with the Norwegian. As the guy screams, the Norwegian goes over and breathes on him.

Next stop on Ruskov’s tour: Chandler and Tex’s cage. He boasts about having the vaccine, and says he plans to blow up the Nathan James once the tests are complete. Or here’s an idea: Ruskov and Chandler could start working together. Chandler’s response? “My name is Thomas Chandler, Commander, United States Navy, serial number 4242022634.”

Back on the Nathan James, Jeter is scared. And Slattery doesn’t look so hot himself—he’s not a leader, after all. He gets on the radio and tells the crew, “We will get our captain back, and that is all.” Not exactly the most rousing pep talk, but it’ll have to do.

It’s go time. Chandler tells their guard he needs to use “the head”—which we’re assuming is Navy for bathroom? In any case, when the guy approaches their cage, Chandler holds him by the collar while Tex slits his throat. Then they grab his keys and set themselves free.

Chandler and Tex start making their way through the ship, beating up everyone in their path. Now they got guns.

Over in the lab, the Norwegian claims the vaccine won’t work. And he might be right: the Russian sailor is starting to look chilled.

Meanwhile, Chandler and Tex make it to the Ladder Room, where they meet Burk and Cruz. Time to move out. While another American fiddles with something dangerous-looking in the engine room, Chandler’s team links up with Greene and Cossetti. They move quietly through the ship, planting explosives as they go. But Chandler takes a detour: he finds Kelly and Ava, and tells them to come with.

The captain is back in charge. He instructs Cossetti and Cruz to take Quincy’s family to the extraction point, then guides the rest of the team to Dr. Scott. On deck, Ruskov tells his sailors to stay off the radio—Chandler speaks Russian, and they don’t want him to know he’s being chased.

Meanwhile, a Russian soldier barges into the lab and tells Dr. Scott to come along. Thinking on her feet, Scott says she can’t come until she’s given the Russian soldier the second part of the vaccine. He agrees. So she opens her case, pulls out her gun, and shoots him in the head.

Then the Americans arrive and guide Scott from the room before she hurts anyone else.

Outside, Cossetti detonates the explosives. And right when Ruskov was taking a sip of tea! The vessel loses propulsion, but Ruskov isn’t deterred. “The Americans will not get off this ship,” he says.

Chandler’s team has now arrived at the doorway to the deck. But right before they bust through, Chandler stops them. The Russians must know they escaped, yet there have been no alarms. He suspects—correctly—that they’re waiting on the other side of the hatch with guns. So the Americans choose an alternate path.

Ruskov continues to drink from his dainty teacup while his men lose their shit—how could Chandler have escaped again!? Ruskov orders his men to find the rescue boat.

Speaking of the rescue boat, it’s time for Kelly and Ava to climb down a big ladder. Ava starts blubbering—like father like daughter, eh?—but Kelly tells her to “be brave.”

Meanwhile, the Americans have a big old shootout on the deck—and all the Russians go down.

Now Ruskov is really losing it. He starts screaming at his second-in-command, but is interrupted by another explosion. As the Russians unravel, Chandler’s team arrives at the extraction point. The Russians attack from above, but the Americans manage to keep them back with a whole bunch of bullets. Then bang! Another bomb goes off.

And uh-oh: in the clamour to escape the smoke, no one noticed that the Norwegian put on a sailor uniform and started walking the halls. That is not good.

The Americans drive off in the RIB as the Russian ship goes down in flames. It seems like they all got out okay! Except they didn’t. Just as Greene is congratulating Cossetti, he keels over and dies. Turns out he’d been hit.

At least there’s some good news: Quincy is beyond shocked to see Kelly and Ava on the Nathan James. The family embraces, sobbing. Guess the Tophets are just a crying crew!

As Greene carries Cossetti’s body back onboard, the sailors gather and salute. Ruskov is done, but it cost them a high price.

Stats of the Week
Number of American sailors who have died so far: 2
Number of times characters talk on phones/radios this episode: 3
Number of pep talks Slattery gives: 1
Number of people who have been accused of hubris on this show so far: 4
Number of monkeys left alive: 1

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