See How The Jungle Book Made Its Fake Jungles Look Real

One of the year’s biggest box office successes, Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book has wowed viewers of all ages with its eye-popping visual effects. It would also appear to hold enormous appeal for those who prefer more natural imagery, but it turns out that perception’s a little misleading. Sure, the film is overflowing with striking imagery of the natural world, but those colourful landscapes are no more authentic than the talking animals.


In a new featurette, Favreau opens up about his decision to shoot the film entirely on sets—with the help of today’s most sophisticated special effects techniques. “We figured it’s an opportunity to take the best of the animation process and the best of motion capture and the best of live action,” he said. “If you combine those things, you can do something that nobody has done before.”


Filmmakers have attempted similar feats in the past, but some suspension of disbelief was always required. According to Favreau, that’s no longer the case. “What makes us able to make this movie now is the technology to have photo-real animal animation,” he explained, adding that it’s still incredibly difficult. “Every single shot requires hundreds of people and a tremendous amount of collaboration.”

The Jungle Book is in theatres now. Whether you’ve seen it or not, prepare to be impressed by the eye-opening featurette below.