5 Things That Prove Katniss Everdeen and Jennifer Lawrence Are The Same Person

The wait is over. The final instalment of the Hunger Games franchise is out and for those of us who didn’t read the books (hi!), we’re about to discover how it all ends—and by “all” we mean Katniss’ relationship status. Will she finally choose between Peeta and Gale or will polygamy be instated in the new Panem? (If the rebels are victorious, it’s the least President Coin could do for team mascot The Mockingjay.)

In Mockingjay—Part 2, Katniss and a squad that includes former Hunger Games survivors (Finnick and a badly psychologically damaged Peeta among them) make it their shared mission to storm President Snow’s mansion with the goal of taking him out. No easy task. The Capitol has been converted to a makeshift arena for an impromptu 76th games. Deadly Pods await at every street corner and the things they contain are even kill-ier than what we’ve seen in past movies (prepare yourself for a face full of sewer-dwelling Lizard Mutts, Panem’s least good-looking mutations).

Though this fourth film is arguably the weakest in the series (let this be a lesson to filmmakers trying to stretch a trilogy beyond its limits), Jennifer Lawrence’s character remains just strong enough to hold the story together. Both Lawrence and Katniss are what made the story great from the beginning anyway, one reason being that the two are so similar. Good job, casting department. In an alternate (dystopian) universe, we’re pretty sure that Lawrence would be Katniss. Here’s why:

Because they’re both tomboys-turned-accidental-It-Girls. No matter how many red carpet tumbles the high-heel-averse Lawrence takes, she always manages to inspire emulation when it comes to her fashion choices. And remember how many kids (and adults) began to copy Katniss’ braids after the first Hunger Games movie? Luckily, no one has attempted the burning dress look just yet.


Because they both speak out against a common enemy: dictators with bad blow-outs. “My view on the election is pretty cut-and-dried: If Donald Trump is president of the United States, it will be the end of the world,” Lawrence has said in more than one interview.


Because neither one of them can stay silent in the face of injustice. While November 20th will see Katniss taking a final stand against oppressors in the Capitol, last October saw Lawrence speak out against Hollywood’s gendered pay gap. The December issue of Vogue features Lawrence taking a swipe at fellow Kentucky native Kim Davis for her bigoted views on gay marriage. And let’s not forget when she spelled out exactly what it meant for nude photos of her to be stolen and published on the internet: that’s called a sex crime, everyone. No use pretending otherwise.


Because like her character, Lawrence has the support of President Alma Coin, err, Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Because her co-star Elizabeth Banks says so. “She’s feisty, a real fighter,” Banks told Vogue. “That’s the reason that Katniss really works on her. It’s a little bit of her-against-the-world now, you know? When the world shows up at your doorstep and wants a lot of things from you, you get a little punk-rock.”


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2 is in theatres November 20. Watch the trailer below.