Here’s Why The Good Dinosaur Was Worth The Wait

It feels like Disney/Pixar has been talking about The Good Dinosaur for eons. That’s probably because the studio has been working on the film, which had an original release date of November 2013, since 2009. After multiple reschedulings and a complete reworking of the storyline (one that involved chucking the entire cast, save for Frances McDormand), The Good Dinosaur is finally ready for an audience.

So what does six years worth of work in 3D computer animation look like? Pretty great, actually. Centred on a reluctant friendship between a lone human boy and an outcast Apatosaurus, the story follows the pair as they journey across a dangerous and wild landscape in an effort to return home. While the movie flirts with being just a tad too saccharine at moments and lacks the trademark Pixar jokes (the kind that fly over kids’ heads but land well with parents), there’s no arguing that The Good Dinosaur is touching, beautiful to look at, and frequently funny—in a sweet and innocent kind of way.

Overall, we’d say the movie was well worth the wait. Here’s why:

It answers the question “What if that meteor never hit Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs?” In Pixar’s alternate version of history, they’d have evolved to be farmers. Humans, on the other hand, would still be scrabbling around on all fours and howling at the moon.


It features incredible backdrops and landscapes. Sharon Calahan, the movie’s director of photography, drew her inspiration from a scouting expedition to Jackson, Wyoming, modelling the world of The Good Dinosaur on its rough-hewn, rocky terrain and big, endless skies.


You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Many tear-stained cheeks were spotted outside the theatre after the screening we attended. And they didn’t all belong to children.



The animals are more evolved than the humans. It’s pretty entertaining to see man play man’s best friend. Or dino’s best friend in this case.


It clears up all those nasty rumours about Tyrannosaurus Rex. In The Good Dinosaur we meet a trio of T-Rexes who are less like blood-thirsty killers and more like, well, Albertans. That is to say, they’re ranchers who prefer a nice steak cooked over a campfire to a plate of raw Apatosaurus.


The Good Dinosaur is stomping theatres right now. Check out the trailer below.