Killer Frost, Deathstorm, And Zoom: Can The Flash Gang Survive Earth-2?

Barry and Cisco were warned things were different on Earth-2 but nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to see when they arrived with Dr. Wells on last night’s episode of The Flash.

The trio travels to the parallel world to try to save Wells’ daughter but quickly get into trouble when some familiar faces turn out to be deadly villains, including Caitlin who makes her debut as Killer Frost. With a long blonde wig, icy blue lips and clad in leather, Killer Frost is nothing like the sweet-natured Caitlin on Earth-1. But that’s exactly what actress Danielle Panabaker loves about her character’s transformation.

The Flash

“I’m super excited about it. When I came onto the show it was always teased, the potential of Killer Frost so I can’t wait to see what happens,” Panabaker says, during a break from filming The Flash.

Robbie Amell is also back as Deathstorm who teams up with his love Killer Frost (some things do stay the same apparently) to unleash fire and ice onto anyone who crosses their path.

Things are also different for Barry, who is a CSI officer on Earth-2 and is married to Iris, a police officer. (She’s the Det. West in this world while Joe is a lounge singer.)


But don’t expect Joe and Barry to have the same close relationship on Earth-2.

“The dynamics between Joe and Barry are very different. Actually the dynamic between all of the characters is completely different,” explains Grant Gustin, who plays Barry.

“Barry’s fun. Earth-2 Barry is more of the full blown Clark Kent type of guy… The way it was broken down to me is it’s Barry as if nothing bad had really happened to him. But he’s essentially been on the same life track otherwise, which is not that far off in some ways, almost like Barry when we first met him but magnified.”

Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe, says not only are the characters different on Earth-2, so are the surroundings. “It’s as if art deco happened and nothing else happened past that. It just stayed in that era.”

While the gang adjusts to the new order on this world, things go from bad to worse when they come face to face with Zoom himself.


With Barry, Cisco and Joe ruled out as being Zoom, at least the gang is getting closer to finding out who Earth-2’s big bad might be. But after Barry is captured and the gang realizes they might be stuck on Earth-2 forever, it looks like that’s the least of their worries.

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