It’s Doppelganger Time On This Week’s Flash

Has The Flash reached #PeakDoppelganger? Let’s hope not (because where’s the fun in that?)—but there were a heck of a lot of familiar-faced people popping up in “The Darkness and The Light.”

You’ve got your Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). You’ve got your Dr. Light (Malese Jow)—aka Linda Park’s Earth-Two doppelganger. And, just for kicks, you’ve got the introduction of Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee)—a comic book character known for her doppelganger reincarnations throughout time.

Basically, The Flash had a lot of plot points (and doppelgangers) to juggle in tonight’s episode. It was a regular Vampire Diaries episode up in here. But, as is this show’s wont, it made said juggling look hella easy. Kind of like battling a man-shark, you know?

Here were the seven best moments from the doppelganger-infused “The Darkness and The Light.”

The return of Harrison Wells


Well, “return” might be the wrong word. Because this Harrison Wells—Earth-Two’s Harrison Wells—has never been to our universe before (that we know of). He may share the same face as the man Team Flash got to know and despise as Eobard Thawne, but he is a very different man. He’s still kind of a jerk, though. Or, as “Crisco” puts it: “You know our Dr. Wells might have been evil, but you’re just a dick.”

Like Earth-One’s Harrison Wells-faced man before him, Earth Two’s Harrison Wells adds a fascinating dynamic to Team Flash. He gives Barry pep talks, but has ulterior motives. He is curious about the lives of the members of Team Flash, but isn’t interested in trying to understand or empathize with them on a human level. He is a genius, but that doesn’t make him a hero. TBH, Harry makes Team Flash more compelling just by being in the room.

Wells v. Jay


Have we mentioned that Wells and Jay are totally frenemies back on Earth-2? Emphasis on the enemy part of frenemy. They’re technically on the same side, but they kind of hate each other. Jay blames Wells for first creating the metahuman “problem,” and then making money off of it, while Wells thinks that Jay never stood up to Zoom the way that he should have. Harsh, considering Jay lost his speedster abilities and almost died at Zoom’s hand, but Wells isn’t the empathetic type.

Team Flash has a similar antagonism and distrust for Wells. Although, unlike Jay, their mistrust is largely unfair. They blame him for his face because it was the face of a man who betrayed them all and was responsible for the deaths of some of the people they loved. Wells may be a jerk, but it was hard not to feel a little bad for the guy after the 11th speech about how Eobard Thawne did something terrible while wearing his face.

Dr. Light is someone we know


Zoom’s latest metahuman assassin sent to kill The Flash has a familiar face: the face of Linda Park. Her name is Dr. Light, and she harnesses energy into destructive beams of light. Though she wasn’t a murderer on her home world, desperation and fear of Zoom causes Light to go after Linda. For some reason, she thinks that, if she kills her doppelganger, she will be safe from Zoom in this world. (But, seriously, why does she think this?)

Though Light fails at killing Linda (thanks to some quick, courageous moves from Iris), she does “accidentally” kill the Picture News editor. Luckily, Team Flash manages to catch her—though, judging from next week’s promo—this won’t be the last of the trouble Dr. Light will cause for the gang.

Guys, Zoom is SUPER scary


We finally get our first good look at/listen of Zoom at the end of tonight’s episode. And, guys, he is very, very scary. He also happens to have Wells’ daughter trapped inside of a cage. This is most likely the reason why Wells crossed over to Earth-One: to find a way to defeat Zoom and/or free his daughter. The big question is: is Zoom enlisting Team Flash’s help or has he made a deal with Zoom to save his daughter’s life. (Side note: Well’s daughter seems like a total badass. Maybe she’ll save herself…)

Whatever the answer, Wells is keeping a major secret from Team Flash. And, though Jay may not know why Wells is in Earth-One, he does know that he is up to something, causing him to straight-up ditch Team Flash—which, personally, I thought was a little harsh. Like, I know he doesn’t want to lead Barry down a dangerous path or whatever, but Barry is going to go down that path regardless. He has better odds if Jay is there to help him. Plus, Caitlin and Jay are getting closer than ever and, this woman has had some of the worst love luck ever. I am so ready to see Caitlin catch a romantic break, you know?

In other Zoom news, it’s suggested that he knew Earth-One’s Linda is The Flash’s ex-girlfriend which is very terrifying. How does he know about Barry’s personal life? And what other intimate details will he use to try to take Barry out? Wells suggests that other doppelgangers of Barry’s Earth-One loved ones might be sent by Zoom, which is creepy, but also sounds like it could make super compelling television. Could this be a clue that Zoom is Earth-Two’s version of Barry? Also, is anyone else having Fringe flashbacks in the best possible way?

Patty and Barry go on their first date


Speaking of romantic breaks, Patty and Barry go on their first date and, predictably enough, it is ADORABLE. Barry can’t see through most of it, but likes Patty so much that he tries to make it through dinner with the aid of some live-streaming sunglasses and an audio link to Cisco. And Patty like Barry so much that she allows him to sit through dinner in a fancy restaurant with sunglasses on like some kind of uber-douche. Conclusion: these kids really like each other.

Patty eventually reveals that she knows Barry’s secret (that he’s temporarily blind), and the two finish the night off with a steamy goodnight kiss. You know, before they have to report to a late night crime scene. (Hey, at least it wasn’t King Shark this time, amirite?)

Cisco’s secret is out


For weeks, Cisco has been hiding his powers from Team Flash, but Wells has Apple Watch—er, metahuman-detection device—and he reveals Cisco’s secret. Of course, Caitlin and Barry are there for their bestie, just wanting him to feel safe and supported. Wells? Just wants him to use his Vibe powers to locate Dr. Light. It totally works, marking the first time Cisco was able to intentionally use his powers. Progress!

Meet Hawkgirl


In its opening episodes of the season, both The Flash and Arrow have been planting the seeds for their Legends of Tomorrow spinoff. Tonight, it was Hawkgirl’s turn to make an introduction. Technically, we caught a glimpse of Kendra in the season 1 finale — but this is the first time she gets any lines. Frankly, she doesn’t get much to do in an episode jam-packed with plot points, but she does have the good taste to accept Cisco’s invitation to dinner, so we like the girl already. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Hawkgirl in the coming weeks…