The Flash Gives Us Firestorm, Man-Sharks, and Earth-2’s Harrison Wells

Are you as on board with the new Firestorm as we are? Tonight’s The Flash revolved around the search for the other half of Firestorm, but “The Fury of the Firestorm” didn’t stop there. The episode was jam-packed with more secret sons and man-sharks than we ever thought possible—and it was delightful.

Here were the best moments from “The Fury of the Firestorm.”

Stein needs to merge—and there are two options


Professor Stein (Victor Garber) is running out of time in this week’s episode. He needs another person to merge with now that Ronnie is gone or he will die. Caitlin finds two possible candidates who were simiarly affected by the particle accelerator explosion: scientist Henry Hewitt and mechanic Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh). Let the games begin…

To the viewers (and Barry), it is so obvious that Jax is the far superior choice to merge with Stein and, you know, be a superhero. But Caitlin is blinded by Henry Hewitt’s impressive scientific prowess and Hewitt is an easy convert given his, as Cisco puts it, “ego the size of Texas.” When the merge doesn’t work, Hewitt is furious and, unbeknownst to the team, slowly begins to develop some Firestorm abilities.

Meet Jax—future Legends of Tomorrow star


Now, anyone who has been paying attention to casting news knows that Jax will be Stein’s Firestorm partner in the Legends of Tomorrow midseason spin-off, but The Flash still does a great job at making this origin story compelling, even though we know the outcome.

This success is in large part to Jax being an all-around great guy—someone you want to cheer for. A former high school quarterback who lost his chance at a college scholarship when he stopped to save someone from the particle accelerator wave and busted his knee, Jax is just trying to live his life after his dreams were taken from him.

Unlike Jax, who lost so much, but doesn’t want revenge against S.T.A.R. Labs, Hewitt feels betrayed for being momentarily promised the Firestorm powers and then refused them. Dude brings sense of entitlement to a whole new level. Even though Stein is facing death, Hewitt makes their incompatibility all about him. Rude.

Caitlin convinces Jax to join the team


Though Jax is initially (and justifiably) not interested in tying his life to a stranger’s—even if he does get to fly—Caitlin manages to convince him to strive to be a part of something bigger. And can we talk about how great that narrative decision is? The Flash hasn’t always known what to do with Caitlin’s character, but seeing her struggle to look past her own prejudices (when she looks at college educated scientist vs. car mechanic, she makes a decision informed by stereotypes) and inspire Jax to take a leap of faith was beautiful. I hope we get to see more interaction between these two in future Flarrow/Legends universe crossovers.

Patty and Barry are still adorable together


In other news, Patty and Barry continue to be adorable together. But, even though Barry really likes Joe’s new partner, he is holding back. He still loves Iris. Being The Best Parent of All Time, Joe sees this, and encourages Barry to let go of what he thought his life might be and try something new. Which, if you hadn’t noticed, was The Theme of This Episode.

Iris doesn’t want anything to do with her mom


Seemingly fed up after all of the secrets she had to deal with last year—and understandably still pissed at her mom for abandoning her for 20 years—Iris meets with Francine to tell her she has no interest in having a relationship with her. Ouch. Then, Francine pulls out her trump card: she’s dying, and she wants to get to know her daughter before it’s too late.

Or her mother’s secrets…


As Iris later admits, Francine’s illness would have probably been enough to convince Iris to let her mom back into her life—if not for the other secret Francine is keeping from Iris. It turns out that Francine has another child—a son, presumably named Wally—Reporter Iris found out about. He was born eight months after Francine left Central City, which means Joe could every well be his father.

It is that last point that Iris cannot stand. Because she knows finding out he has a son he didn’t get to help raise would break Joe’s heart. Iris walks away from her mother, telling Francine to leave Iris and Joe alone.

Now, I think Iris is totally valid in her decision here, and this was an all-around strong episode for Candice Patton in general—who thrives whenever she is given anything to do on The Flash—but it is also tragic to see Iris make the same decision to keep her father in the dark that Joe did with Iris last season. Also, you can’t help but feel for Probably Wally, who will potentially be left family-less after Francine dies. Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Probably Wally or Definitely Francine.

The man-shark is REAL, and so is Harrison Wells


In other Central City news, there is a Harrison Wells-faced man walking around and stealing things from Mercury Labs. Guess what?! It’s Earth-2 Harrison Wells, and he is, thus far, very helpful. When a man-shark Patty has been hunting nabs Barry while he’s busy gazing at Patty through the Jitters window (aka Barry’s signature move), it is Harrison Wells who comes to the rescue. Using a gun he stole from Mercury Labs, he takes out the man-shark before he can hurt Barry or Patty. Someone buy that Harrison Wells-faced man a drink!