The Future Is Proto-fied: Can The Universe Handle It? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

We’re just an episode away from The Expanse season two finale and there’s still a ton of protomolecule loose in the universe. What’s an Earth boy with a Martian warship and a proto-fixation to do? We have no idea—and neither, it seems, does Holden. After witnessing the tragedy on Eros and chasing the molecule all season, Holden seems like he’s on the verge of a breakdown. Will he keep it together? Will Earth and Mars? We want to know:


1. Can Earth and/or Mars harness the power of the protomolecule for good or is it a weapon and only a weapon?

Errinwright’s Martian counterpart (you know, the one he murdered?) claimed that Mars wanted to use the protomolecule in its terraforming project—was he telling the truth or was the MCRN planning to unleash the molecule on Earth and wipe out the planet’s entire population?


2. Was getting Chrisjen Avasarala and Jules-Pierre Mao in the same place Errinwright’s plan all along?

He seemed so contrite and resigned to his fate for three-quarters of the episode… only to turn on Avasarala AND Mao, threatening to destroy both of them if Mao didn’t return to work on the protomolecule project in order to benefit Earth (and only Earth). Was this a desperate, last-minute move or his plan all along?


3. How will Chrisjen talk herself (and Bobbie) out of this mess with Mao and Errinwright?

With her little group of three outnumbered and outgunned, how is Avasarala going to make it back to Earth? Our guess: Draper’s MCRN combat skills are about to come in very handy.


4. So, is Holden going to chill re: the protomolecule now or nah?

Since mid-season, Holden’s singular obsession has been ridding the solar system of protomolecule—not that we can blame him after what he saw on Eros. Will he finally accept that it’s become too big a problem for one man to take on? Or is he going to continue driving his crew insane with his self-imposed eradication mission?


5. In a universe where protomolecule hybrids exist, are plain old humans obsolete?

Um, probably?