What’s Growing On Eros? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

Plot-wise, this season of The Expanse has already kicked things into hyperdrive with war brewing between planets, war brewing between (former) friends, and a possible alien invasion in the form of the protomolecule. This week, treason, empathy-erasing lobotomies, and a potential suicide mission back to Eros were thrown into the mix. Whose head is spinning? Here’s what we want/need to know:

1. Wtf is the protomolecule up to on Eros and whyyyyyyyy?

We’re sorry, but did several Expanse characters confirm that the protomolecule is a) producing sound; b) building stuff; and c) counting down to… something? What else is this alien molecule capable of?


2. Did anyone think that Miller was actually genuinely interested in Mormonism and the 100-year mission?

We all knew that Miller was up to something with his strange pilgrimage to the Mormon church on Tycho, right? That said, we didn’t see his plot to hijack the Nauvoo and fly it straight into Eros (destroying ship, asteroid, protomolecule, and—most likely—Miller himself) coming.


3. How long is Bobbie going to spend on farm patrol—like, a day?

No show takes its newest, most badass warrior and sticks her on a distant farm planet for long. What’s going to bring Bobbie back into the fight? If the UN blowing up Deimos didn’t do it, what kind of war-mongering move by Earth will it take and how soon is that all going to go down?


4. Why hasn’t Alex let his family know that he didn’t go down with The Donnager?

This guy is carrying around a LOT of guilt. All he does is practice flight maneuvers while staring longingly at a picture of his Martian wife and kid. We know he’s feeling bad about the cargo container full of Belters that didn’t make it back to Tycho but what’s with the weird family drama?


5. It’s the future. Why does Miller still shave with a straight razor?

Don’t they have, like, lasers or an app for that kind of personal grooming?