The Expanse Goes Back To The Belt With A Tense Trailer For Season 2

Who’s excited for the return of The Expanse? Patton Oswalt, for one:

Based on James S.A. Corey’s popular book series, the show centres on the ongoing conflict between Earth, Mars, and the Belt and the competing factions defending each territory’s interests (like, you know, air, clean drinking water, that kind of stuff). Season one left us with a close look at the power of the Protomolecule (in the form of Julie Mao’s terrifying corpse and a decimated Eros Station) and a glimpse at who might be behind its spread. The final few episodes, which brought the crew of the Roci together with former Star Helix detective Miller, were super tense as clues to the mystery behind who attacked the Canterbury began to come to light.

Basically, The Expanse is one of the best new sci fi shows we’ve seen in ages.

With the premiere date for Season 2 just announced (once again, that’s February 8, 2017 right here on Space), the series has also released the first trailer for the show. Tell your friends.