Bombs Away: Belters Fight Back In New Trailer For The Expanse Season 2

“The stars are better off without us.” That’s Miller’s assessment, and from the looks of this new trailer, we’d have to agree.

Sorry dreamers, but the stars aren’t the place where humanity finally pulls it together and achieves a war-free existence—not according to The Expanse, anyway. 200 years from now, we’ll be fighting over water and air like they’re oil and proportional representation, only we’ll be doing it in space.

The just-released third trailer for the second season of the planet-spanning series asks us, quite literally, to choose a side: are you for Earth, Mars, or the Belt? No one can afford the luxury of neutrality even if, like Holden, you think picking teams is “all bullshit.”

That’s because there’s a mysterious new bio-weapon the on the block… we saw what it could do last season—starting with Julie Mao and ending with the total annihilation of everyone on Eros Station and it’s still unclear who’s behind it. But instead of being scared, the crew of the Roci are angry. If war is brewing, they’re not about to lie down and lose.

The premiere date for The Expanse has been moved up a week to February 1, 2017 and the new two-minute clip is full of tension, treason, and a fast-building dread (also: one brief hook-up scene between the two characters you wanted to just get it on already all last season). Check it out below: