Here’s What Season 2 Of The Expanse Is Going To Look Like

The cast and crew of The Expanse are busy filming the series’ second season right now and showrunner Naren Shankar has begun to reveal what the follow-up to the first instalment, airing in January 2017 on Space, will be all about.

After the world-building (and intrigue-building) that Season 1 focused on, Season 2 will go further into decoding the conspiracy behind the alien protomolecule that Miller and the surviving crew of the Rocinante tracked down to Eros. FYI for anyone who hasn’t read James S.A. Corey’s series of books that the show is based on: the storyline will take us to Eros station this season. Here’s your first glimpse of what the mission will look like:


“I think people are going to be pretty wowed and blown away with how intense and how beautiful it is,” says Shankar in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “The mission to Eros and Miller going inside and what he finds with the protomolecule-transformed version of that station, it’s going to be pretty amazing.”

And pretty intense, we’d guess. Last season, the show wasn’t afraid to shock us with the sudden deaths of seemingly major characters (we still can’t forget the image of Shed losing his head on the Donnager, or Chrisjen Avasarala’s spy becoming the alien molecule’s second most dramatic victim after Julie Mao).

Also coming up in Season 2: the introduction of one of the novels’ most popular characters, Bobbie Draper, a Martian marine played by newcomer Frankie Adams. “While there was a ton of world building there in Season 1, the one thing that we weren’t really able to get into was a true Martian perspective on the events that are going on in the world,” says Shankar. In season 2, it happens fast—we’ll meet Bobbie within the first three seconds of the premiere.


“One of the themes that we want in season 2 is this notion that when things are getting bad and people are fighting, it’s very hard to stay on the sideline; it’s very hard to remain neutral and above the fray. Sometimes, you have to take a side. And that’s happening with everybody in our show.” Huh. Sounds like Holden’s going to need a lot of coffee.