There’s An Enemy Around Every Corner In “Windmills”

We thought Miller had hit rock bottom after losing his job in the last episode of The Expanse but it turns out he still had a ways to go—as evidenced by the looting of a dead woman’s apartment and the cutting of ties with the few remaining friends he still had, two things he accomplished in this most recent episode. Sure, he’s got his reasons, but pawning Julie Mao’s belongings feels wrong. Her disappearance has long ceased to be just another case for the former detective—it’s a full-blown obsession and it’s taken over his life.


On board the Rocinante, a rogue broadcast signal leads Holden, Naomi, Alex, and Amos to discover that they’re not alone. Their crew of four has a fifth wheel who has been hiding himself in the frigate’s dark corners since they took off from Tycho Station. Claiming to be a corporate spy who’d been stealing information from the OPA, the stowaway, Kenzo, tells the crew he just needed a way to get off Tycho before he was discovered by Fred Johnson. Holden and co. don’t buy it and throw him in the airlock until they can decide what to do with him. At the moment, they’ve got much bigger problems.


In trying to contact whoever he actually works for, Kenzo has alerted a Martian patrol ship to the existence of the Rocinante. The “Mickeys” as they’re derogatorily referred to, want to inspect the ship—which would blow the crew’s cover and land everyone in a Martian work camp until forever. Kenzo claims to know a way to deflect the attention he’s inadvertently drawn to the ship and when they realize that they’ve got no plan of their own, they agree to listen to his. At the last minute, Alex transmits a set of code words that indicate the Rocinante is engaged in a Martian black-ops mission causing the patrol to back off. The ruse prevents a lot of blood from being shed: Amos was prepared to shoot the patrollers. Holden was prepared to shoot Amos.


On Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala is trying to get a better idea about who Holden is. She thinks he may be the key to preventing the war that looms between Mars, Earth, and the unpredictable OPA. So she visits his family at their farm cooperative in Montana. Tagged as “revolutionary extremists” Holden’s parents aren’t overly welcoming when a UN envoy shows up on their doorstep. His mother reluctantly shares some insight into her son’s possible motivations but is happy to show Avasarala the door after only a brief chat. In the end, we find out that the UN power player may not be able to protect Holden as she’d hoped—now that her spy, Kenzo, has been discovered by Holden.


The arrival of the spy on the Rocinante has brought tensions between crew members to the surface. Holden wants Naomi to get Amos under control, otherwise he’s prepared to dump him at the next port. Kenzo wants mercy and a ride to Eros, and even though Holden denies that the Rocinante will stop there, we’re guessing that it will. Because there’s another ship en route to that same station—and Miller is on it.


The Expanse Episode 7: By the Numbers

2: hours spies have to wait before they get to use the washroom on the Rocinante

3: magic words needed to keep Martian patrols off your back

4: people known to be aboard the Rocinante when it takes off from Tycho Station

5: people actually aboard the Rocinante when it takes off from Tycho Station

18: the age Holden was when his mother made him leave their farming collective

1: fond farewell to Miller’s ever-present hat