The Leviathan Wakes As The First Season Of The Expanse Comes To A Close

The debut season of The Expanse wrapped up last night with a finale that felt like a beginning. As the mechanism behind one conspiracy was revealed, a fresh one sprung up. As soon as a key question was answered, a new one was asked. Intriguingly, certain characters were revealed to not be who we thought they were—leaving us to wonder, uh, who are they then? Thankfully, the series has been renewed for a second season.

Separated from his crew and suffering from the effects of radiation poisoning, Holden must get himself and Miller back to the Rocinante before Naomi, Alex, and Amos leave Eros. Holed up in a pachinko bar with the detective, Holden tries to come up with a plan for reaching the docks as hostile CPM soldiers roam the station and civilians drop like flies from either radiation exposure or the mysterious virus unwittingly unleashed on Eros via Julie Mao (and given a huge helping hand by Dresden).


With the transport pods down, they have no choice but to walk—make that stagger—towards Holden’s waiting (hopefully) ship, stopping to throw up and/or fight off CPM thugs as required.


Elsewhere on Eros, the rest of the Roci crew are doing the exact same thing, only with the benefit of having not been dosed with a massive amount of radiation. And they’ve also got an insider’s edge: using her unexplained knowledge of the secret workings of the OPA, Naomi suggests that the crew avoid the patrolling soldiers by making their way to the docks in underground tunnels used by OPA smugglers. How she knows just how to navigate them is a mystery.


On Earth, Chrisjen is doing some careful navigating of her own. She knows her UN superiors are lying about the origin of the stealth ships that destroyed the Donnager and the Cant (the fact that they’ve aligned themselves with Julie Mao’s father makes the situation even more suspect). But instead of calling them out, she pretends to accept their lies and calls for an escalation of the assault on Fred Johnson and the OPA. Then she asks her husband to take their grandchildren and lay low on Luna. What is she planning?

After a tense few hours, Naomi finally succeeds in leading everyone to the docks and aboard the Rocinante. For her hard work, she’s met with the working end of Inspector Sematimba’s gun as he demands the ship take off from Eros immediately, without waiting for Holden or even his own childhood friend, Miller. Amos resolves the debate by neatly shooting Semi clean through the skull, indicating that his loyalties still lie with Naomi.


After a final all or nothing attempt to reach the Roci, Miller and Holden make it past a regiment of CPM mercenaries by taking advantage of simmering tensions and bringing them to a full boil (and by boil, we mean a massive shootout). Coincidentally, Miller gets to take out the guy who tried to kill his old Star Helix partner. For his part, Holden has the satisfaction of leaving the spy Kenzo behind on Eros—though we have to wonder if he would have made the same decision had he known what Kenzo’s ultimate fate would be. Shudder.


When everyone is finally reunited aboard the Rocinante, Alex manages to break the ship free from the docking clamps and they leave the asteroid behind, picking up something unusual on their radar: Dresden’s ship.

See you next season.

The Expanse Season Finale By the Numbers

2: Hours to live before Holden and Miller die of radiation poisoning

5: Samples Dresden takes form Julie Mao’s body

6: Times Miller barfs up black goo due to the fact that his body is being cooked from the inside

1.5 million: Estimated number of dead on Eros

2: Times Miller hallucinates a vision of Julie

1: Time the hallucination is really just Amos

4: Roci crew members that make it off Eros—plus one former Star Helix detective