This Week’s Expanse Proves Salvage Jobs Don’t Always Mean There’s Something To Salvage

Hands up if you’re still feeling squeamish about the final scene in this week’s episode of The Expanse. For anyone holding out hope that Julie Mao had escaped the fate suffered by her Scopuli crewmates, the fact that she managed to hang in a bit longer is of little comfort. Miller’s intel was correct: Mao is indeed on Eros—or least what’s left of her is.


While Miller is enduring the company of a proselytizing Mormon on the long trip to Eros, Holden and the crew of the Rocinante are arriving at the coordinates given to them by Fred Johnson. Their destination: a deserted asteroid. Upon closer inspection, however, they discover that the rock is less uninhabited than they’d first thought.


Tucked away in the shadow of a crater sits a stealth ship of unknown origins, one that looks, to Holden, a lot like the craft responsible for blowing up the Cant. Holden, Naomi, and Amos board it, taking the spy Kenzo along to act as their canary in the coalmine. Once inside they find out that the ship, the Anubis, has been abandoned. The core has been shut down and there’s a short range shuttle missing. When the crew powers up the ship to get a better look at things they quickly realize that it was a bad idea. There’s something living on board and it’s drawing energy from the core. Abandoning the Anubis as fast as freaking possible, the crew head to Eros where Kenzo has promised to help them track down Lionel Polanski in exchange for his own freedom.


Back on Tycho. Fred Johnson has made a discovery of his own: the data on the chip he took from Lopez’s flight suit has been cracked by one of his OPA aces and what it reveals is shocking. The chip holds a complete record of the attack on the Donnager, including close-up photos of the ship that destroyed it… and something else we aren’t made privy to.


When the Roci arrives on Eros, Holden and Miller finally cross paths—at a very fortuitous time, for Holden at least. In the lobby of the Blue Falcon flophouse where Lionel Polanski is rumoured to be hiding out, shots (lots of them) are fired in the crew’s direction. Miller saves their skins and the entire retinue (minus the escaped Kenzo) head towards room 22: Lionel’s room. What they find there is at once familiar and unsettling: it’s the same stuff the crew ran from on the Anubis. And it’s Lionel Polanski. And Lionel is Julie Mao. And when it comes to that stuff on the Anubis, it’s obvious that Julie didn’t run fast enough.


The Expanse Episode 8: By the Numbers

1: Known faction that has access to stealth technology

2: Factions that actually have access to stealth technology

3: Days Fred Johnson has until the UN inspection team reaches Tycho Station

22: Lionel Polanski’s room number

100: Years the Mormons are willing to travel into space aboard the Nauvoo to an unknown destination

1000: Minimum distance, in light years, that we’d want between us and whatever’s living on the Anubis