“Remember The Cant” Featured An Expanse Ending We Won’t Forget

So there was no need to worry that Holden’s message about the destruction of the Canterbury would make it past the Martian ship’s scramblers. The news was received loud and clear on Ceres. Holden’s face was broadcast, on repeat, across every screen on the asteroid and its impact was felt as far away as Earth.


The idea that Mars had fired on a ship carrying precious materials in short supply on Ceres incite riots there. On Earth the effects are even more dire. Two of the UN’s high-ranking operatives squabble over whether or not an immediate deployment of their armed fleet is exactly what Mars deserves for the perceived transgression, thought to be an attempt to destabilize Ceres and provoke Earth.


Now that he’s determined that Julie Mao is no longer on Ceres, Detective Miller has been ordered to drop the case and focus his efforts on managing the recent surge of unrest on the asteroid. Miller, though, is much better at delegating responsibilities than he is at taking direction. He continues his investigation into Mao, making the acquaintance of Anderson Dawes (played by Mad Men’s Jared Harris), a man who comes across as having insider-level knowledge of the OPA.

Aboard the Martian ship, the surviving crew of the Canterbury undergoes a chemically enhanced form of interrogation designed, it would seem, the get them to turn on each other and reveal who may have been behind their ship’s obliteration. Mars claims to have had nothing to do with it, revealing that they suspect the attack to be an inside job.


Another inside job is taking place in the diplomatic circles bridging Earth and Mars—only it’s an unwitting one. Chrisjen Avasarala has fed her ambassador friend some false information, causing him to sound alarm bells on Mars and take inventory of the planet’s weapons stock, convinced that a heist has taken place. While her ploy works to reassure the UN that Mars isn’t secretly funneling weapons to OPA terrorists, it also costs her friend his job. It costs her their decades-long friendship.

As the interrogations of the Canterbury’s crew come to a close, Mars manages to turn Holden and most of his shipmates against one another. Naomi is suspected of being a member of the OPA, Alex is revealed to be a former Mars Navy serviceman, Shed is outed as a medic with no medical training, and an offer is made to Holden: recant the accusations he made against Mars and his crew will be spared. Oh, and one more thing: blame the attack on Naomi. He’ll have to decide on a course of action quickly because, says the Martian captain, there’s unidentified ship heading straight for them—and it refuses to reply to any of their communications.


By this time, the riots on Ceres have turned violent and two characters wind up dead. The first is an ex-boyfriend of the missing Julie Mao. Coincidence? We doubt it. The second is unfortunate Earther Dmitri Havelock, Miller’s new-to-The-Belt partner, who meets his end in a fairly gruesome way. The last words he hears are spoken by the gang of Belters responsible for his murder. “Remember the Cant,” they tell him.


The Expanse Episode 3: By the Numbers

1000: Minimum number of screens Holden’s message about the Canterbury is being watched on on Ceres at any given moment

40: Years of friendship destroyed by Chrisjen Avasarala’s betrayal of her Mars ambassador pal

2: Number of jokes about Miller’s hat

3.5: Number of jokes about Miller’s hat we’d like to see on a per episode basis

2: Significant character deaths

3: Number of different factions who are completely in the dark about who attacked the Canterbury

0: Amount of good all those Belter language lessons did for Dmitri Havelock