“CQB” And Other Tight Spots: A New Episode Of The Expanse Takes Us Places We’re Scared To Go

Shed’s dead, baby. And we don’t even have a sweet getaway chopper to remember him by. The crazy way the Canterbury’s fake medic is killed off in this week’s episode of The Expanse was the gruesome highlight we’re still replaying in our brains. In case you’ve forgotten, it went like this:




If the casualty was still haunting your dreams, please accept our sincerest apologies for subjecting you to it all over again. Shed’s death was among the many that were the result of a mysterious attack on MCRN Donnager—the Martian ship where the ever-dwindling former crew of the Canterbury are being held for interrogation. At the close of the previous episode, Martian Navy Captain Yao had ominously warned of an unidentified ship’s approach—though she didn’t seem too stressed about their failure to respond to the Donnager’s communication attempts, what with Mars combat technology being what it is. (Read: the best in the galaxy.)


Make that second best. When a fleet of attack vessels fire on the Donnager at close range, Mars is astonished by the damage the enemy’s advanced technology can do. The ship sustains heavy damage (see: the wall behind Shed’s missing head) and is eventually boarded by still-unknown enemy forces.

On Ceres, Miller is looking into the identity of the corpse previously known as Julie Mao’s boyfriend—and struggling. The stiff is equipped with a spoofer mod that helps him evade the authorities, a key capability in his line of work as a data broker. If only Havelock (RIP) were around to help him investigate.


OPA top brass Fred Johnson is in ship-building negotiations (hostile ones) with a Mormon faction who want to set out on a hundred year mission to who knows where. Rumblings about Johnson’s strident OPA devotion have made the LDS nervous and they’ve sent a representative to have him removed as lead on the project. He’s not a fan of that idea—because who knows what could go wrong with a ship he isn’t in charge of building? That’s a threat, of course, not an actual concern. As the LDS are ushered off of the construction site, Johnson orders that all sensors be pointed at the Donnager. What does he know?


What we know is that Holden, Naomi, Alex, and Amos manage to escape with Lieutenant Lopez seconds before condition zero is reached—the point at which Captain Yao blows up her own ship, killing everyone still on board.


Not killed: Havelock! Not that he was on the Donnager, but he was shot and spiked to a wall on Ceres in the last episode, his fate (death) seeming close to certain. Instead, he may just live to see another episode. And that Mormon open mic comedy night.

The Expanse Episode 4: By the Numbers

123: Years of life expectancy enjoyed by Earth’s lucky denizens

68: Years of life expectancy on Ceres

3: Stabby attempts Miller makes at removing Julie Mao’s ex-boyfriend’s memory crypt

0: The condition reached by the MCRN Donnager that causes the Captain scuttle the ship

1: Surprise resurrection—Havelock’s back! (Shed’s still dead.)

6: Bandit attack ships that manage to evade the Donnager’s torpedoes

7: Shooting star/torpedoes seen by Chrisjen Avasarala as she lies on her roof, safe from whatever’s going on above Earth