The Expanse Recap: Destinies Align In A Double Finale, Congregation And Abaddon’s Gate


Following the generous outreach program that Ashford spontaneously launched, Earthers and Martians alike find themselves among Belters aboard the OPA’s Behemoth. It’s basically a giant Expanse reunion as the crew of the Roci (and Anna and Melba) decide to make the trek together in order to track down their missing Captain, James Holden.

The welcome, however, is less than warm. With Drummer in sick bay (impatiently building herself a mech suit to get around in—who can wait for a spinal cord to regrow when there’s alien tech trying to decide whether or not to wipe out humanity?), Ashford orders that Naomi be arrested. Turns out it’s just a ploy to get her to fix the Behemoth’s sketchy power grid. In exchange, she gets access to Drummer and Holden, her BFF and her BF.


Ashford has written Holden off as a complete madman after hearing his story about Miller and the alien civilisation that invented the protomolecule, but Naomi believes him—which means Drummer does too. While Ashford forges ahead with his plan (destroy the Ring so that it can’t destroy humanity), Holden’s crew attempts to follow Miller’s advice (power down every ship inside the Ring to demonstrate that they are not a threat).

With the stakes being as high as they are, there’s a lot of arguing over whose plan is the right plan. And by arguing, we mean shooting. There aren’t many main characters who get through the final episodes of the season without taking a bullet or two. Shout out to Draper and (surprise!) Melba for their heroics, though nobody outdoes Drummer in terms of toughness.


Amos, Alex, and Anna recruit their old broadcaster frenemy Monica to send out a message to every ship in the Ring about Holden’s power-down plan. While they do their best to be convincing, Naomi, Drummer, and Holden attempt to shut down the Behemoth by force. They’re thwarted by Belters in Martian armour and barely escape with their lives. With that part of the plan deemed a complete fail, the only option left is to try to plead with Ashford to listen to them.

He doesn’t. Instead, he orders his crew to shoot them while he powers up the ship’s laser to fire on the Ring. That’s when Melba’s super-strength comes in handy. While locked up, she’d overheard Holden talking to Naomi and was moved to help him. She attacks Ashford’s goons, stops him from firing the laser, and shuts down the Behemoth’s generator all in one epic action sequence. Not only does the Ring halt its attack, it releases the ships and opens up a host of gates—was this its plan all along?


Everyone powers back up and heads home. Except the Roci and Miller, who hitches a ride… in Holden’s head? Hope he likes caffeine.

5 questions we have about the final two episodes of The Expanse Season 3:

1. Holden calls the Ring a graveyard. Who or what wiped out the civilisation that built it? And are they about to arrive in our universe?

2. Is Holden still Holden? Is he Holden plus something else? Is he part alien now?

3. How soon will humanity return to the Ring to explore the other parts of the universe it has given us access to? Where and to whom do those gates lead?

4. Miller says that he wants to find out what destroyed the civilization that created the protomolecule—is he going to use Holden to do that? Are what he wants and what Holden wants the same thing at this point?

5. What’s next for the Roci crew and what uncharted place are they headed for?