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The Expanse Recap: The Ring Reveals A Fallen World—But Whose? | CTV Sci-Fi Channel

The Expanse Recap: The Ring Reveals A Fallen World—But Whose?


This week’s episode of The Expanse, the season’s third-last, was all about the aftermath. On the Roci, the Thomas Prince, and the Behemoth, the extreme slowdown (an apparent Ring defence mechanism) has left hundreds of crew members dead or on the verge of death. Fun fact: internal bleeding needs gravity to be stopped—without it, wounds swell and everyone dies. That’s a problem, because none of the ships currently have the ability to produce a gravitational force. Not yet, anyway.

As the med bays fill up with the injured and dying, Anna busies herself helping Melba/Clarissa with her broken arm until she’s called away by a message from Tilly. We know what state Tilly is in, but Anna doesn’t. She gets to her just in time for Tilly to fill Anna in on Clarissa’s plan to take out her daddy issues on Holden. But there’s no time to stop Clarissa from strapping herself into a space suit and taking off for the Rocinante (where she thinks Holden is).


Holden, however, is passed out on an MCRN ship where Bobbie is the only thing standing between him and a Martian Marine bullet. Naomi has also made her way back to the Roci, only to find Holden gone and Alex and Amos out cold. After strapping them into med bay stations she’s treated to a surprise visit from Melba, who’s in total fight mode. She’s about to crush Naomi’s throat when a massive jolt of electricity takes her out—the big surprise comes when it’s revealed that it’s Anna wielding the zapper.

On the Behemoth, Drummer and Ashford find themselves in an incredibly ironic situation: their tug of war power struggle has landed them in a real fix, as both are pinned by the same piece of Mormon farming equipment. If it rolls forward, it crushes Drummer. If it rolls backward, it crushes Ashford. When Drummer realizes that a) help isn’t coming; and b) their crew has probably suffered similar fates, she makes the ultimate call and frees Ashford—at the expense of her own torso. Drummer is such a badass.


Following her sacrifice, Ashford is inspired to attempt to set the Behemoth’s drums spinning in an effort to produce some gravity aboard the ship—a move that could save Drummer and hundreds of others. It works and he broadcasts a message across the Ring offering help to Martians and Earthers alike. Belters will make space for their injured aboard The Behemoth. Aw, turns out Ashford is a real peach. Probably. Maybe.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode of The Expanse:

1. At the end of the episode, Holden finally wakes up—but is he still Holden? What has the the Ring done to his brain?

2. Also: he tells Bobbie that when he was in the Room, he saw a vision of ‘the end of everything.’ Is he talking about humanity or all of existence or what?

3. Did Anna kill Clarissa or just stun her? What are they going to do with her if she’s still alive?

4. Is everyone headed for The Behemoth now? Will we get a big end-of-season reunion?

5. The Ring is slowly drawing all the ships inside it towards its centre. Why?