The Expanse Recap: Space, Time, And A Dandelion Sky

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Expanse, in which Holden unlocks the space/time continuum WITH HIS BARE HANDS. Okay, so he was wearing gloves, but contextually that is a minor detail. It was kinda sweet that his old pal Bobbie Draper was there to witness the moment (true, she was there to arrest him, but that’s another insignificant technicality). The point is, Holden accomplished his mission (or Miller’s mission, or the Protomolecule’s mission) of reaching the base at the centre of the Ring. Once there, Proto-Miller told him what he was there to do: complete the circuit. Then what? Apparently, it’s a surprise. We like surprises, just not in outer space.

Right now, the Ring is like New York’s hottest club: it’s got Martian marines, American Methodists, socialite stowaways and a dead guy in a bad hat. Basically, everyone’s there—and they’re all in a race to catch Holden before he does, well, whatever Miller’s brought him there to do.


On board the Thomas Prince, Anna is so wrapped up in the Ring that she kinda forgets to do her job: talk about god to scared crew members. She remembers right after one shoots himself—and that’s not the only drama on the Prince. Tilly finally bumps into Melba (real name: Clarissa) and decides to ask her what she’s doing on the the ship working under a fake name instead of, you know, being in jail with her dad, Jules-Pierre.

That’s when Melba activates her weird superpowers again and attacks. Her timing, however, is off. At that exact moment, some serious stuff goes down at the station in the centre of the Ring (that’d be Holden opening up time and space) and the effects are felt by everyone inside: the MCRN marines, the people on the Prince, and the crew on the Roci. It’s what the kids call ‘epic.’


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of The Expanse:

1. Is Drummer’s First Officer planning a mutiny? He’s so shifty, it’s impossible to tell. We think he is, and that his conciliatory behaviour is all about covering his tracks.

2. What is Clarissa’s superpower? Every time she goes crazy on someone, it looks like she’s biting down on something in her mouth… is it some kind of capsule? A drug?

3. Is the Ring alive? Is Anna right to analyse it based on a biological model?

4. Miller tells Holden he’s running out of time and that he needs to complete the circuit, like, five minutes ago—so what’s the rush? Is something coming?

5. What has Holden done? Is humanity over?