The Expanse Recap: Intransigence Proves That People Don’t Change


“If I killed them, I’m sorry.” It may not seem like much of an apology, but when it’s coming from the captain of your ship, it carries a certain weight. Drummer feels guilty for firing on the Roci, even after we find out that Holden and his crew weren’t hit. But Naomi’s faith in the Belter cause did take a hit—and she’s reconsidering her decision to leave her friends behind for what she used to see as a higher purpose, leaving Drummer to contend with her shady First Officer alone. Drummer does the honourable thing, though, and lets Naomi go.

Good thing, because her old crew is going to need her. As Naomi races towards them and the Ring aboard a skiff, the Roci is facing down a threat from the MCRN to be boarded and (in the best case scenario) hauled in for questioning and a repossession of their beloved ship. At worst, they’d all be executed for inciting a new war between Earth, Mars, and the Belt (thanks to last week’s lovely little broadcast that featured Holden claiming ownership of the Ring on behalf of the Belt).


Of course, the documentary camera guy was responsible for that one, though he claims to have no idea who was paying him to do it or what would happen when he did. For that, the doc duo nearly get spaced… at the last second Amos decides to give them suits and send them on their way to the UN Thomas Prince. See? He does have a soft side.

With the Roci still locked into target by the MCRN, they realise they have two choices: keep going straight until they hit the edge of the bubble beyond the Ring (probes sent in that direction seem to simply disappear when they hit the border) or go back and face the music. Holden wants to ask Miller for his advice but Miller is MIA. When he finally does show up, he convinces Holden to do the craziest thing possible: suit up and propel himself towards the nucleus of the whole thing… alone. Miller may be more coherent inside the Ring but his ideas are still insane.


Obviously, Melba must be behind the whole ‘framing James Holden’ thing—from the explosion aboard the UN ship (which we saw her plant) to the message sent out across the galaxy featuring Holden calling dibs on the Ring. At first it seemed like she might be out to avenge her sister, but the message she sent to her jailed father, Jules-Pierre Mao, proved that she’s out to get Holden specifically, blaming him and him alone for her father’s predicament. Wouldn’t it have been easier to stay on Earth and go after Chrisjen Avasarala?

Seeing what the Ring can do, Avasarala has ordered all civilians to be evacuated from the Prince but Anna is desperate to stay. Riding the coattails of another passenger’s extortion scheme, she gets her (death?) wish. Seems like you can’t put a price on your first miracle.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of The Expanse:

1. Is Melba working alone to sabotage Holden or is there some bigger organization behind her? Is she really doing all this to prove she’s Jules-Pierre Mao’s number one daughter?

2. What is going to happen the the Prince goes through the Ring? Why isn’t everyone aboard freaking out like that one Reverend who was super desperate to leave?

3. How much does Naomi know about the Ring? With the comms on the Roci down, will they be able to reach her in time for her to navigate it safely?

4. Are we going beyond the bubble next week? There’s not really anywhere else to go, is there?

5. The Ring: miracle or alien demon’s plaything? We’re not so sure Anna’s right about this…