The Expanse Recap: It Reaches Out—And Grabs The Rocinante


At the top of this week’s episode, we still don’t know if the Ring is an exit or an entrance… the exploding Rockhopper from last week’s instalment would indicate that it’s not a way out of our universe, but by the end of this week’s that idea will completely change. The Ring has most definitely woken up from its state of inertia, spurred to life by our slingshotter pal’s attempt to navigate it. Now that this alien technology is active, Earth and Mars need someone to blame for the new crisis.

Obviously, they’re going to blame the Belt—despite the OPA’s insistence that they had nothing to do with the shenanigans that nudged the Ring from its slumber. If that publicity stunt wasn’t bad enough, someone has also spliced together a video of Holden taking responsibility for the ship that Melba blew up and proclaiming ownership over the Ring on behalf of the Belt. The highly incriminating video was then broadcast across the solar system. Could it have been someone from the camera crew lurking aboard the Roci? Um, yes. Absolutely.


The thing is, Holden’s been acting so strangely that even his own crew thinks there’s a possibility that he really did record that message himself. There’s no time to debate it though, because both the OPA and the UN have missiles trained on the Rocinante and are counting down to a launch. The only thing that buys Holden some time (and a chance to keep his crew alive) is the Behemoth’s power failure problem. Someone get this guy a coffee. Also: quit putting hallucinogens in this guy’s coffee!

Holden has sneaked off to the med bay to run a protomolecule scan on himself 35 times and to Amos, that looks pretty suspicious. That, plus the whole talking to himself thing. But Holden is talking to Miller… or a Miller-like thing… or a thing that used to be Miller. According to the Miller-thing, he’s a tool, one that finds things (and mumbles incessantly about ‘doors and corners’).


Somehow Holden manages to figure out that Miller has a message for him (maybe it’s the pressure of having the galaxy’s biggest guns all aimed at his ship that helps him along) and begs his crew to trust him… and head for the Ring. You know, that thing that just turned an unlucky Belter into crushed tomato? But trust him they do, pointing the Roci at the Ring as multiple missiles bear down on them. And wouldn’t you know it, the show’s central characters aren’t all killed off in a single scene!

5 questions we have about this week’s episode of The Expanse:

1. Why doesn’t Proto-Miller want to talk about Julie Mao?

2. Who is Melba and what does she have against Holden and/or the OPA?

3. Where, exactly, is the other side of the Ring?

4. Why did Miller stop Holden from trying to touch him, and is the small amount of protomolecule on the Roci the reason it got through the Ring?

5. How is it that Miller can only talk to Holden? What’s special about him? What does the Ring want with him?