The Expanse Recap: Prepare For A Change Of Velocity In Delta-V


If it weren’t for the massive, protomolecule-built structure floating out in space that humanity has dubbed the Ring, this week’s episode of The Expanse might feel like a happy ending. It isn’t. The ‘work’ the proto-Katoa hybrid had been talking rapturously about appears to be finished—but what does it do? Envoys to the Ring have failed to pick up any signs, signals or radiation emanating from the structure. Since its departure from Venus, the Ring has just floated there, stressing people out for 187 days straight.

Other than the giant alien thing hanging (literally) over everyone’s heads, things are pretty great: Bobbie is back kicking ass with the MCRN, Chrisjen is back on Earth and in charge of the UN, Naomi is a bigshot on the newly armed Nauvoo (rechristened the Behemoth) and Holden and the rest of his crew are seen as heroes—the kind you want to make documentaries about, much to everyone on the Roci’s chagrin.


The camera crew has dug a bit too deep into Amos, Alex, and Holden’s past and they’re asking questions that they (especially Amos—was he really a mob boss?) don’t want to answer. Things get really weird when the entire crew (all two of them) try to sleep with Amos… and weirder still when the camera guy starts looking a bit too closely at the Roci’s screens and control panels.

On the Behemoth, Drummer is in charge with Naomi as her closest ally and confidant (despite the fact that an adversary has been installed as her First Officer). When Naomi uncovers a drug trade that leads to a pilot’s death, she reports it to Drummer whose instinct is to deal with it in the customary OPA way: space the supplier as a lesson to everyone else. Her First Officer intervenes, however, simultaneously undermining Drummer’s authority as Captain and providing a more humane solution to the drug crisis on board the Behemoth. And even though she doesn’t trust him, Naomi does agree with him.

There’s a new ship and crew in the mix now, too. Aboard the UNN Seung Yun, an engineer addressed as ‘New Girl’ is getting the hang of her new job—and looking pretty nervous doing it. Towards the end of the episode we find out her name: Melba. That’s right before her colleague uncovers what she’s been up to (installing explosives into the ship’s guts) and she’s forced to kill him. If it’s any consolation, it really seemed like she didn’t want to.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of The Expanse:

1. Whoa, what’s Melba’s problem? Why is she messing with the ship she’s on and what’s up with her hatred for Holden? Is she a spy? A terrorist?

2. Also: where’d she get her apparent super strength? Sure, that fight seemed to tire her out, but she took down a dude twice her size.

3. If we learned one thing about the Ring, it’s that you should pilot a racer through the centre of it unless you want your head to explode. What’s the purpose of that handy design feature?

4. Why did Naomi leave the Roci? It’s a bit of a let down after she and Holden finally seemed to work things out.

5. What was behind Holden’s weird Miller hallucination? To Holden, Miller seemed so real. Is something wrong with him?