The Expanse Recap: Can Mars, Earth And The Belt Find Peace In Immolation?


Mars is frighteningly close to becoming a second Eros as the Protomolecule hybrids speed towards the Red Planet, cloaked in Mars’ own stealth technology. Alex manages to take out a few but when the Roci runs out of ammo, it looks like it’s all over. One hybrid has already collided with the Agatha King and the UNN ship is crawling with protomolecule.

As Chrisjen Avasarala’s former spy and bodyguard mounts one final heroic act (detonating the ship with a massive nuclear blast) Naomi and Alex do their best to change the course of the pods… but they can’t get to all of them. In Naomi’s mind, that leaves just one option: contact Fred Johnson and ask him to use his stolen UN nukes to take out the rest. This time, however, she consults the rest of her crew and doesn’t act on the plan until she gets their okay.

On Earth, Anna shares the video Avasarala sent her with Secretary General Gillis and Errinwright finally gets the epic firing (and prison sentence) that he’s had coming to him for way too long. It’s not a total victory for Anna though because Gillis’ appreciation for what she did seems to stem more from the fact that his reputation won’t be tarnished—he can blame his wartime bumbling on Errinwright instead. Sigh.


On Io, Holden, Bobbie, Amos, and Prax search the station for Mei while Jules-Pierre Mao and Dr. Strickland scheme to hold the children hostage in exchange for their own freedom. It doesn’t go well. JPM is quickly taken into custody by Holden while Prax and his BFF Amos continue their bromantic quest to free Mei. With Strickland and the children cornered, the doctor blames an underling (who he conveniently shot moments earlier) and says that he’s been caring for Mei this whole time. But when Mei tells her dad and Amos what happened to Katoa, they know he’s lying. Amos does Prax a solid and disposes of the evil doctor with a single shot.

Speaking of Katoa, Bobbie volunteers to hunt down the Proto-hybrid that used to be Mei’s pal. On a mission that’s part Martian bravado, part revenge scheme, she gets the hybrid’s attention (by pumping it full of bullets) and then leads it on a wild chase through the station. The bullets barely weaken the creature and as Bobbie’s suit runs out of juice, it begins to gain on her. Just as the thing is about to finish her off the way it one of its kind did to the rest of her squad on Ganymede, the hybrid is distracted by something and Bobbie blows its head off with one final shot… but the protomolecule fires back. As all of humanity watches, it launches its big project from the surface of Venus. Oh shi—.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of The Expanse:

1. What the heck is that proto-thing that launched from Venus? It must be ‘the work’ proto-Katoa was talking about, but what IS it?

2. What does it mean now that the protomolecule has advanced from being able to grow on living things to being able to thrive and spread on metal or rock?

3. OMG Holden and Naomi made up! Does this mean we’re getting our happily ever after? Why doesn’t that seem likely?

4. Will the MCRN take Bobbie back now that Errinwright has been unmasked? Will she even want to go back or will she keep working with Avasarala?

5. Will Earth, Mars, and the Belt actually be able to work together to stop… whatever that thing is that just left Venus?