The Expanse Recap: Mars And Earth Face Off In Triple Point


The UNN Agatha King is heading to Io. The MCRN Hammurabi is heading to Io. The Rocinante is heading to Io. Jules-Pierre Mao is already on Io, along with the half-dozen protomolecule hybrids… but not for long. After last week’s dismemberment horror show, Mao and Strickland have accelerated their work on the hybrids. Cue: more terrifying results—the kind that sedatives won’t keep calm for much longer. The protomolecule has work to do, it’s said as much through Katoa. What that work is, we still don’t know. But we do know this: it’ll be finished very soon. RIP Venus?

Suddenly, everyone has Chrisjen Avasarala’s missive, the one that incriminates Sadavir Errinwright, calling him out as the architect of a war based on lies. Unlike the protomolecule, all sides have the intel on Errinwright, but it’s what they do with it that matters. Mars seems to be the faction with the most sense. The Hammurabi promises to hold off on firing on any UNN ship and even offers assistance to crippled ships in their vicinity. For one hot second, it looks like a truce might hold. Especially after Souther goes forward with his coup against Admiral Nguyen.

But Nguyen is ruthless (just ask the crew of the UN ship who failed to answer his hail—oh wait, you can’t). Souther manages to broadcast a message about Nguyen’s treason to the UN fleet but the Admiral retakes control, killing Souther in the process. It’s shocking, but made less so when Nguyen himself begins to fire on his own fleet while the crew of the Martian ship looks on in disbelief.


The showdown provides a pretty convenient cover for the Roci to touch down on Io, but not before Naomi apologizes to Holden for the 17th time this season about the sneaky way she sent a protomolecule sample to Fred Johnson. Finally, he forgives her (in part because she was right about Avasarala wanting a proto sample for Earth but also because she tells him a bit about her backstory and her fear for her son who’s still living in The Belt).

It feels good to know that everyone has let go of their grudges before they all march towards certain death at the hands of the protomolecule hybrid children. Like, even Bobbie seems stressed, though she deals with it by making sure she’s packing as much ammo as she can carry (i.e. a LOT).


On Io’s surface, Mao demands that Strickland go full protomolecule on a second child: Mei. What was left of Katoa has been swallowed up by the protomolecule and they can’t get any more information out of him in terms of what the molecule is doing on Venus. So it’s Mei’s turn. As she’s prepped for the procedure, Mao launches the hybrids. Oh sh—.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode of The Expanse:

1. How far gone is Mei? If Prax manages to get to her, can he still save her or is she part proto already?

2. Can Chrisjen be trusted with the sample she wants? She’s seemed pretty awesome so far, but the protomolecule is dangerous is anyone’s hands.

3. Will Admiral Nguyen turn his missiles on the Hammurabi? Would he even stand a chance against the MCRN ship? Also, how long before the Martians act against him? They have the video and know about the coup on his ship…

4. What will be the fate of the hybrids Mao launched at the episode’s end? What is their target/destination?

5. What the hell is happening on Venus?