There’s More Protomolecule In Store For Us, Right? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

Bobbie Draper’s dream of seeing Earth is about to come true—only not in the way she wanted it to happen. Draper imagined herself and her team storming the planet in a takeover which ended with Mars victorious over their perceived oppressors. Instead, she’s set to testify at the UN and tell them that her MCRN team fired the first shot on Ganymede. Somehow, we can’t imagine her going through with it—will she fall in line or tell the Earthers what she knows? And can we talk about what she REALLY saw?

1. Was the man Bobbie saw on Ganymede a proto-dude?

And if yes, how the hell did he get there? Is he still there? What did he have to do with the squirmish that broke out between Mars and the UN troupe—considering we know that it wasn’t really between them at all?

2. The scientist held captive on Tycho says there’s more protomolecule floating around the solar system (hopefully not literally). Does he mean the Roci crew’s batch, or something else?

Our lobotomized friend has been “talking” to the molecule and collecting more data. That means it wasn’t all destroyed when Miller and Julie Mao drove Eros into Venus. We know Naomi’s harbouring a secret stash but is there more elsewhere, and who’s controlling it?

3. Where’s Amos?

We never saw him again after his freak out in the rations line and the ominous discussion about empathy removal procedures that followed. After he chatted with the mad scientist, where did he go? He was nowhere to be found when Holden ordered Alex and Naomi to chase down Dawes.

4. Will Bobbie defy her orders and tell the UN the truth about what happened on Ganymede?

As soon as her commanding officer handed her that Purple Heart, we knew there was a price attached: her silence on the subject of the man-thing she saw on Jupiter’s moon. Now she’s being sent to Earth to lie, telling an inquiry that it was Mars that fired the first shot when really it was the UN team, and not at the MCRN soldiers. Where’s that missing drone at, btw?

5. Anderson Dawes now has the only surviving proto-scientist. What’s his plan for him?

Once Fred Johnson agreed to hand the UN’s nukes back to them, Dawes knew he had another secret weapon—it was, of course, full knowledge of the protomolecule, what it can do, and (possibly) how to get more. Now Dawes holds the key to all that—what will he do with it? Take out Earth and Mars?