The Expanse Is Coming To Space, And Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

While you’re pining away for the next season of Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin has a different show on his must-see TV list. The Expanse has been called the next Battlestar Galactica, and Martin is urging his own fans to tune in. Intrigued? Good news: you’ll be able to catch it on Space December 14.

Based on the best-selling books by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (alias: James S. A. Corey) the five-book series (a sixth is expected next year) has been compared to the GoT author’s own epic storytelling.

Set 200 years in the future The Expanse features three central characters tied together by a missing fourth: a young woman who may be the key to ending the interplanetary conflict brewing between human factions on Earth, Mars, and across the asteroid belt. Thomas Jane plays a hard-drinking, easily corrupted detective on the dwarf planet of Ceres while Steven Strait is cast as an officer stationed on an ice freighter in the belt. The trio is rounded out by Academy Award-nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo as a high-ranking UN politician tasked with bringing peace to a scattered species. What lies ahead of them is an unveiling of the greatest conspiracy in human history.

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The hour-long 10-episode series was shot primarily on real sets, avoiding tonnes of green screen and CGI stuff—workable in part because the show is light on the kind of futuristic technology and gadgets that can distract from a good storyline.

“The technology’s there, it’s just that we’re not a technoporn show, it’s not about devices,” executive producer Naren Shankar told his audience at San Diego Comic Con. “It’s a world in which artificial intelligence exists, in which people have been probably genetically engineered to some extent for disease resistance and radiance resistance and muscle growth, it’s just we don’t talk about these things. Think of it this way, you don’t get in a car and go ‘My, this internal combustion engine is extremely efficient. I’m extremely happy with how it gets me to 60 miles an hour.’ No one talks like that. We just get in and fucking drive. That’s the world we’re trying to make.”


As for the relatively small leap the series makes into humanity’s future, showrunners say that’s exactly what interested them in the project: “We’d been wondering why sci-fi jumps ahead to when technology is really advanced. And alien life has been discovered—everything’s kind of done,” explained executive producer Mark Fergus. “We were always looking for what happened in the 100, 200, 300 years between leaving Earth and getting out there and fumbling our way out to the solar system.”

Fumbling around in space? Sounds terrifying. And addictive.

The Expanse will get a two-night premiere on Monday, December 14 and Tuesday, December 15 at 10pm ET. Check out the trailer and spark your newest TV obsession right here: