Is The Protomolecule Sentient? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

Hey, remember when Fred Johnson and Miller cooked up the perfect plan to destroy Eros and contain the protomolecule and save all of humanity (even Martians and Belters and Mormons)? It was so sneaky and awesome and foolproof… until Eros, endowed with a new sense of self-preservation, dodged the impact from the hijacked Mormon ship bearing down on it, defying physics and belief simultaneously. Um, can the protomolecule feel and think now? That… can’t be good. Here’s what we’re wondering:

1. Did Holden and his crew hurt the protomolecule’s feelings?

If the protomolecule has developed some type of sentient intelligence, does it know who’s trying to take it out and how? Besides winning a galactic dodgeball match against Holden, the Nauvoo, and the OPA, what other self-defense techniques will it employ to avoid destruction and death? If fired on, will/can it fire back?


2. Is Miller going down with Eros (and Julie Mao)?

Miller’s stuck on the asteroid with a faulty nuke that will go off (quickly) if he abandons it. Will he escape Eros a second time or is he stuck there (wherever ‘there’ is now that Eros is on the move). And the bomb isn’t the only thing likely to keep him there—there’s also his obsession with Julie Mao. She (or something like her) is still on Eros.


3. What is Jules-Pierre Mao up to now?

UN Undersecretary Errinwright and Mao appear to have had their own nuclear falling out after Mao and his Protogen Corp. were called to the carpet by Chrisjen Avasarala. Accused of funding OPA terrorism and doing some questionable science on Phoebe Station, Protogen has had its assets frozen by the UN and Mao is not happy about it.


4. Why so quiet, Mars?

We heard nearly nothing from Mars in this episode. Are they planning a retaliation against Earth following the obliteration of Deimos? Is Bobbie enjoying farm patrol?


5. What’s the protomolecule’s next move on Eros/what’s its end game?

Who’s driving this thing? And is it, like the mad scientist Dresden theorized, on a crash course with earth?