What Else Could Go Wrong On Ganymede? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

An attack, famine, a clinic full of injured people, missing kids, pirates, protomolecule, and now a cascading systems shut down: Ganymede is not having one of its best weeks. We thought it was going to go the way of Eros and be overrun by the protomolecule, but it looks like the moon base could collapse under the weight of any number of other disasters first. What does that mean for Holden and his crew? Here’s what we want to know:

1. Ganymede is cascading into complete destruction and only Prax and Amos know it. Is there any way to stop the slide?

As a botanist, Prax immediately picked up on the poor health of the plants used to clean the air on the station—and what that means for Ganymede as a whole. What’s the next move: try to stop the cascade or warn everyone and evacuate the moon?


2. Errinwright’s change of heart was… sudden. What’s behind it?

Who else is suspicious about this former Jules-Pierre Mao co-conspirator suddenly coming clean re: his role in developing the protomolecule as a weapon? Did he spontaneously grow a conscience after Eros? Is he hoping that speaking up will prevent the same thing happening on Ganymede? And does hearing his confession pose a danger for Chrisjen Avasarala?


3. What is UP with Amos’ temper/obsession with the sex trade?

Amos is angry (like, more so than usual). And what does that Roma-sparked rant about exploited women and children have to do with his past? It’s not the first time he’s been set off by the topic.


4. How does Chrisjen Avasarala plan to use Bobbie to forge a peace with Mars?

We know that she believes Bobbie about the seventh vac-suit-averse man on Ganymede but how can this information bring about peace (if that is actually her goal)?


5. Were those Martians coming down the drainpipe for Draper or… ?

Does Avasarala have plans to stash Bobbie away somewhere until she can work out what’s going on with the protomolecule on Ganymede? Could those two shadowy figures have been UN operatives? Would a hardcore marine like Draper even consider defecting to Earth?