Has The Protomolecule Evolved Beyond Human Control? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

We weren’t surprised when Bobbie Draper used her fists to find out what really happened to her squad on Ganymede. We were surprised, however, to find out that the drone she saw on the moon was one of her own—a Martian-made marketing video designed to convince leadership that they should invest in the protomolecule weapons program being ever seen by Dr. Strickland. Did Bobbie make the right decision to defect to Earth? Here’s what we want to know:

1. Can Bobbie trust Chrisjen Avasarala?

Avasarala seems determined to avoid a war between Earth and Mars but she doesn’t yet understand the full potential of the protomolecule. If she did, would she try to get it for Earth’s arsenal? And while Chrisjen appears to be one of the good guys, we also know how ruthless she can be. How will she treat Bobbie if she overstays her usefulness?

2. Naomi had a son?

We had some clues as to Naomi’s past but it was still a huge surprise when she opened up to Prax about the experience of losing her son. There’s more to this story, of course… so what is it?

3. Is there any hope of Holden coming back from the dark side?

The mission to hunt down any remaining protomolecule and avoid a repeat of the incident that nearly destroyed Earth has battle-hardened the once sensitive Holden. Is his new, authoritarian style one of the reasons Naomi decides to stay behind on Ganymede while he pursues the molecule? Is there any line Holden would t cross to complete his self-made mission?

4. Jules-Pierre Mao’s missive to Chrisjen Avasarala: is it a trap?

The UN has been looking for Mao since the Eros incident and, in his absence, are about to pin the entire thing on Errinwright. Suddenly, Avasarala gets a DM from the missing mogul and the game changes. He’s agreed to meet, but on his (dangerous) terms. Is he trying to sway her to his side and get Earth to bid against Mars for the weaponized protomolecule or does he simply want to take her out of the picture?

5. Why IS Amos always the one to take a bullet?

Aw, poor Amos. He can’t catch a break.