What Just Happened On Ganymede? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

Bobbie Draper has been protesting about her squad not seeing any real action since we met her at the beginning of The Expanse’s second season. Seems safe to say that after what happened to them on Ganymede, it’s unlikely that Bobbie will make those same complaints again. The mysterious attack on her squad was this week’s episode-ending cliffhanger—and it left us with a question or two (or five). Here goes:

1. What’s Fred Johnson’s next move?

The OPA leader and proud new owner of 30 reprogrammed UN nuclear warheads is insisting on keeping what he and the crew of the Rocinante know about the protomolecule under wraps. Why? It’s probably safe to assume that he’ll use the information (and the nukes) to improve his bargaining position vis a vis the UN… but when and how exactly?

2. How much protomolecule is really out there?

There’s the second batch that Naomi pretended to destroy but does anyone else still have some? There’s already some suspicion that Dresden wasn’t working alone on his proto project… could Jules-Pierre Mao be hanging on to his own personal stash?

3. How is Holden going to react when he finds out what Naomi did?

And why did she bother pretending to agree with him about destroying the sample if she objected to the idea so strongly? What are her reasons for wanting to keep it in play after seeing what it did to Eros?

4. Which faction attacked Bobbie Draper’s MCRN squad on Ganymede?

Was it Earth? Or were the charging UN soldiers simply trying to warn the Martians about whatever/whoever else might have invaded the shared moon? With comms disabled it would have been impossible for them to communicate by any other means. Either way, so much for a dull farm patrol tour.

5. What was that thing hovering above a semi-conscious Draper on Ganymede?

And who saved her from whatever it intended to do to her?