The Doctor’s Worst Enemy Returns for Season 9 Premiere

Doctor Who


Brace yourselves: the Time Lords’ most infamous child will return to the Whoniverse for this fall’s season premiere. The start to the new season will see Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor square off against his ultimate nemesis: fellow Time Lord/Time Lady Missy (aka The Mistress, aka The Master, aka pure, unadulterated evil) whose identity was revealed at the end of season eight.

Actor Michelle Gomez, the first woman to play the longtime recurring character, is back (like she knew she would be) to cause trouble on every possible plane of time and space for the recently reunited Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald.

Season nine will launch with a two-parter “The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar.” Filming began in Cardiff in mid-January of this year but the exact date of the premiere has yet to be announced.

The Master made his introductions to Who fans back in 1971 when Roger Delgado portrayed the power-obsessed Gallifreyan in “Terror of the Autons”. Since then, the character has been played by 10 different actors including this guy:

This guy:

Julia Roberts’ brother Eric:

And, in season eight, Gomez, who revealed herself to be the matchmaker that brought Clara and the Doctor together (for very un-altruistic reasons). We can’t wait to see what fresh trouble she brings to the upcoming season of Doctor Who.