Get A Glimpse Of The Hottest Dystopian Future Tech In Allegiant

Having brought down the faction system in their hometown of Chicago (Go Cubs!), Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are contemplating a move to the suburbs in the penultimate instalment from The Divergent Series, Allegiant.

Thing is, they’re not 100 per cent sure there actually are any suburbs on the other side of the heavily fortified wall that rings their city. But that doesn’t matter—Four’s estranged and power-hungry mom (Naomi Watts) has begun to put those who aligned themselves with her enemies on trial. And by trial, she means she’s just going to go ahead and publicly execute them. So Tris and her squad make a run for it, finding an entirely different world on the other side of the wall, one far more advanced than the place they’ve come from.

All these technological advancements eventually lead Tris and Four to wonder why the factions in Chicago are left to suffer when the means to help are available and so close by. There’s a reason of course, and it’s a dark one… but you’ll have to watch the film to find out what it is. For now, check out six futuristic gadgets that the lucky people who live outside the wall have access to:

1. Headset-controlled personal attack drones


Cooler and way deadlier than Google Glass.

2. Invisible walls capable of hiding entire armies


And yet military personnel still insist on wearing camouflage

3. White clothes that never get dirty


Honestly, Tris wears like six different all-white outfits in this movie and never gets a spot on her.

4. Judgemental elevators


The top floor of Chicago’s former O’Hare airport is for the genetically “pure” only.

5. Barcode tattoos


Use them to open doors, get into, or rejected by, the aforementioned judge-y elevators, or trade them with your friends! Just kidding, they’re permanently and immovably etched onto your skin.

6. Fun and floaty pods


Who needs a personal jetpack when you can just chill inside one of these?

Find out how it all ends when part one of the conclusion to The Divergent Series lands in theatres today. Watch the trailer for Allegiant below.