The Crossing Recap: A Massive Mystery Washes Ashore In The Series Premiere

the crossing

The Crossing doesn’t waste any time introducing viewers to its central mystery: dozens of people washed up on the shore of a small fishing town with no boat or plane wreckage in sight. They are the lucky ones—as the episode unfolds, we find out that there were hundreds more who didn’t make it to the shore alive. Where did they come from, both the bodies and these survivors? That’s what the various law enforcement agencies who descend on the town want to know.

The strange thing is that the “refugees” aren’t being all that cagey about where they come from and how they got here. When interrogated, they answer directly: they come from 180 years in the future, from the United States, a country which has become uninhabitable for some (which isn’t hard to imagine considering the present situation there). Their stories are consistent across the board, but a few things stand out as red flags. One little kid doesn’t recognize a stuffed animal as being a rabbit—they don’t have those in the future. And yet they wash up on the beach in clothing identical to ours. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that while animals and farming have become obsolete, fashion hasn’t changed at all.


While the Department of Homeland Security takes over the case, the town’s Sheriff (Steve Zahn) follows his own lead and finds a refugee who had been picked up by a ship. She seems to be on a more specific mission—beyond finding refuge in the past.

Taken hostage by this woman, the Sheriff is forced to take her to the warehouse where the bodies of the travellers who didn’t make it are laid out. She’s looking for someone, but she doesn’t find this person there. Instead, Zahn’s character makes a discovery: that this refugee in particular has some incredible abilities. Like, leaping-tall-buildings-in-one-bound abilities.


That revelation takes us to another one: the existence of Apex, an alleged race of future humans who’ve developed extraordinary powers in terms of physical strength (and quite possibly more). They sound almost mythical—until we sort of/kind of/maybe meet one of them… one who’s been here, in this present time and place for much longer than this new wave of refugees.

As the most recent wave is settled into temporary housing, we get the feeling that there’s a lot more that they aren’t yet revealing.


5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode

1. How much influence do shows like Lost have on this new series? Is this sci-fi or supernatural business we’re dealing with here?

2. When it comes to Apex, are they all bad or might there be multiple factions of these superhumans?

3. No, really. What is with the refugees totally contemporary clothes?

4. Does that little blonde orphan kid have any special significance? Like, is she Apex? Is she the one the lone refugee woman is hunting for?

5. What will be the fate of the refugee whistleblower who demanded to speak to the president? How did his fateful meeting with that higher-up at the Department of Homeland Security end? Especially considering that he appears to be Apex…