The Crossing Recap: The Long Peace Begins To Crack In Pax Americana

the crossing

It’s pretty ironic that the two biggest refugee-related problems being faced by an increasingly paranoid Department of Homeland Security could basically be solved by bringing them together. The higher-ups in the department are determined to bring down Reece for being Apex (they haven’t seen one of her kind in a decade—which means that there have been Apex here in the present before OR that Lindauer and his Apex-hating squad have only been here for a decade. Hmm.

As the (highly unsuccessful) hunt for Reece unfolds, her adopted daughter Leah is stuck in the camp under quarantine and getting sicker and sicker by the hour. To try to save her (but mostly to try to stop an outbreak), Lindauer brings in an immunologist to study the pathogens that are making the little girl sick. Dr. Forbin learns that Leah has fought this illness before but when she asks her about the treatment, Leah says that the “medicine” is her mom (which explains why Reece is so incredibly desperate to be reunited with her). And yet…


Amidst all the chaos at the camp, Hannah manages to sneak out and spend the day at the local fair. Not that she was just trying to see the sights—she’s being threatened by a fellow refugee who knows what she was before she crossed over: an Apex collaborator.

But that’s not even the most shocking Hannah-centric revelation. While wandering around the fairgrounds, Hannah spots a man she recognizes… from a very old photo in a locket she once had. It was lost in the ocean but the man is standing right in front of her.


Just as she’s about to confess all of this to him, she’s picked up by her guard buddy (you know, sunglasses guy) and smuggled back into camp, where the creep threatening to out her as a collaborator informs her that he “owns her.”

But before we can start feeling too bad for Hannah, the episode catches us up with how Reece is doing. Not only is she running from HSI with a bullet wound that’s leaving a trail of blood for her pursuers to follow, they also have a surprise in store for her: a sonic weapon that can bring Apex superhumans like her to their knees… just not for long enough. Even at her weakest, Reece kicks ass. She delivers up her would-be captor (dead and carrying a message) to Jude of all people. And takes something of his in return.

5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode

1. Who is the man Hannah meets at the fairgrounds? She had a photo of him—is he related to her? An ancestor maybe?

2. Also: the fact that he’s so close by to the refugees’ arrival point makes it seem like the place where they washed up can’t be random. So why there, in coastal Oregon?

3. How much longer can Leah wait to be reunited with her mother? That virus moves fast. And how soon until it escapes quarantine?

4. What’s Lindauer’s ultimate plan for the people in the camp? If he’s from the future too (and obviously not Apex), why doesn’t he have more sympathy for them?

5. How much trouble is Jude going to be in when his ex wife founds out he lost their kid to a superwoman from the future?


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