The Crossing Recap: A Shadow Out Of Time Reveals What Else Crossed Over

The refugees that washed up on the shore of a small west coast fishing town last week have now been moved to a slightly more permanent (and highly classified) location while Homeland Security tries to decide where they “really” came from—though that may not be the priority after this week’s episode of The Crossing, considering what the strangers accidentally brought with them. Reece’s desperation to find her daughter is suddenly everyone’s problem now that the little girl has fallen ill… with the virus Apex used to wipe out nearly every “Common” on Earth.

For the first time, we get a look at the world the refugees come from during a flash-forward that reveals Reece’s connection to the little girl in the camp, Leah. Leah isn’t Reece’s biological Apex super-daughter (and after we meet her Apex husband, we understand why—ugh). Leah is a child Reece found in a Common hideout. Her feelings for the baby were so strong she shot her partner to save it and hid the child in her home for years. But then Leah got sick and Reece got ratted out by her icy husband. Which is why she went on the run, joining the Commons in their mission to escape to the past.


Unfortunately, Reece drew attention to herself almost immediately after she landed in the present day, including attention from the Homeland Security guys who know exactly what she is—and hate her for it. And because of Jude’s efforts to bring everyone to the table to just hash this out like a bunch of neighbours bickering over a property line, Reece ends up even further away from her goal of being reunited with her daughter after a SWAT team swoops in, shoots Reece, and ruins Jude’s place for an easy peace.

That’s very bad news for Leah who’s sick with a case of the future disease that’s said to be deadly to all Commons (read: everyone currently on Earth). She’s been quarantined at the camp and we’re guessing that without another injection of Reece’s blood (which is what saved her in the first place) she might not make it. In fact, all of the new arrivals are in danger after Homeland Security makes a phone call to a mystery woman who declares that no one can ever find out they’re here.


5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode

1. Last week, it seemed like Apex had beat the Commons in the race to get to 2018… but are the early arrivals Apex, or are the Commons? They’re no fans of Reece, that’s for sure—and she’s Apex.

2. What is it about Reece that allows her to have empathy for Commons when o other Apex seems capable of that?

3. Emma seems pretty desperate to talk to Jude about the refugees. What is she finally going to share with him, and why now?

4. It sounds like Jude has a dark past of his own. What was it that made him leave the city to become a small town sheriff?

5. Who was that mystery woman who seems to be in charge of the first batch of arrivals from the future—the ones who are living among us in secret?


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