The Crossing Recap: The Androcles Option And These Are The Names Leave Us With So Many Questions


The Crossing served up a double dose of episodes this weekend, including the series finale, and answered some of the big questions we had about the mysterious first and second waves of refugees who claim to be from 180 years in the future. It also left us with so many others.

Dan Dworkin, one of the series’ two showrunners, says that Season One was designed that way: to wrap up the storyline while leaving fans wanting more. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting that. The Crossing was cancelled so this Saturday’s episodes were our last visits to Port Canaan. Dworkin tweeted a message to viewers ahead of the finale, saying that “All is not lost. Season 1 was written to be a complete story in and of itself… we’re not saying you won’t be wanting more when it ends, but we are saying you’ll be happy you watched the remaining eps… to see your theories tested… and to see the season build to its epic finale…  thank you for going on this journey with us.”

That journey’s end began with a federally mandated order to evacuate the second wave of refugees from the camp and send them to a detainment facility following the murder of the head of HSI security (by another guard, but that’s a technicality). The deadline means something else for the first wavers: that they’ve got just 48 hours to do away with the new refugees before they blow everyone’s cover and/or make it impossible to stop the rise of Apex. The strange thing is, Lindauer appears to have suddenly grown a conscience (not Eve, though, she murders Paul after introducing him to their piano prodigy son without shedding a single tear).


Working with Diana, Marshall, Roy, and Nestor, Jude is cobbling together a plan to break everyone out of the camp. Time isn’t exactly on their side but when Sophie shows up asking Jude to help free Reece, he can’t say no. Of course, Reece being Reece has almost managed to do that on her own—Sophie and Jude show up just as she’s mopping the floor with the last of the guards.

All that action is a lot for an ailing Sophie though, and she asks to be taken back to her lab… where the Apex-based genetic therapy she made from Reece’s DNA is just chilling in her refrigerator. Reece thinks that she’s destroyed it, but it was really just a B12 shot… it’s becoming all too obvious that Sophie is about to make herself ground zero for the rise of Apex. Her triumphant (and slightly manic) grin is the last image the series leaves us with.


But it isn’t all grim. Jude does manage to get the refugees out of the camp safely—with Lindauer’s help. The first waver’s change of heart even leads him to reconnect Caleb with his daughter, Rachael. Leia is reunited with Reece and the mother and daughter pair return to visit Jude with one last bit of information: in Naomi’s cabin, Jude’s name appears over and over again in the writing she decorated her walls with. What could that mean? Can Naomi and her followers stop Apex in a different way? We’ll never know—Naomi has disappeared and the camp has burned down… along with all the evidence that the crossing ever happened.


The Crossing airs Mondays at 10e 7p on CTV. Watch the full episode here.