The Crossing Recap: Hope Smiles From The Threshold And Disappears Into The Dark


How do you find out if someone is from 200 years in the future? Ask them to name a Kardashian. And while it’s a relief to know that that particular dynasty won’t last, it’s also pretty disconcerting to know that humanity’s fate is Mantle’s disease, a life on the run, and Apex. Of course, different factions are doing their best to change the future. Naomi is gathering a small group of followers and preparing to mount an escape and a movement. The camp’s head of security refuses to help her despite a pretty impressive display of h    er powers to see the future—which is, for her, the past. Eventually, she finds a guard who will… but he takes things too far.

Caleb had tried to stop Rebecca from joining Naomi and her followers, but Naomi reminds her of her daughter—also taken by Apex, also made to work as one of their slaves. To Rebecca, Naomi is irresistible.


Especially considering that she believes she left Rachel behind… though we’re about to find out that she didn’t. Rachel crossed over with the earlier migration. She’s living with (of all people) Lindauer.

The nameless woman (who we now know as Diana) in Jude’s custody is actually the tech genius behind both crossings—which means she can identify the first wave. That’s crucial now that the first wavers are attempting to quietly discredit (and murder) the second wave of people that crossed over. In a flashback to the second crossing, we find out why so many people didn’t make it: Apex showed up and began shooting (Reece did try to warn them) and everyone rushed towards the half-ready portal.

What’s crazy is that the device (or part of it) that was used to open the portal is here, in our time. It belongs to Diana but it’s currently sitting in Jude’s evidence room—which doesn’t seem like the best idea. But it’s hard to know what the ‘best idea’ is these days. Is it to stay in the camp and hope Diana comes to the rescue, or is it to make a break for it like Rebecca decided to do with Naomi? What do you do when you only have a few options, and none of them are all that great?


5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode of The Crossing

1. The gadget that Diana built—are we going to see another crossing because of it? Could Apex get here using it?

2. Does Lindauer know that Rachel’s real parents are in the camp? How did he get her away from Apex in the first place?

3. How is Diana planning on making everyone in the camp disappear? Where will they end up? Can she do it without the piece of tech sitting in Jude’s evidence room?

4. Paul is definitely having some regrets about siding with his wife and the first wavers. Will his warning be enough to save the people in the camp? And is he himself in danger from Greta and her group?

5. Diana tells Jude “there is so much more you don’t know.” What else, on top of everything already going on, could possibly be coming our way?


The Crossing airs Mondays at 10e 7p on CTV. Watch the full episode here.