The Crossing Recap: Death Visits The Camp In The Long Morrow


There’s been a murder at the camp—or at least that’s what Agent Lindauer would have the outside world believe. With the townspeople of Port Canaan rioting at the gates of the camp over the idea that American citizens are being illegally detained, Lindauer needs to create a distraction. Preferably one that makes the refugees look dangerous. You know, like people who should be locked up in a camp.

The body discovered on the grounds also serves a second (and third and fourth) purpose. It’s Agent Ren, missing for a full week now and making Jude ask too many questions regarding her whereabouts. Conveniently, her gun is also found on the premises, in Paul’s cabin. After he’s hauled off to jail, the third purpose becomes clear: he’s reunited with his powerful first crossing wife, Dr. Greta Pryor. It’s all so tidy.


While Paul has been languishing in the camp just waiting to be freed/framed for murder, his wife has been figuring out the best way to dissect Reece and harvest her DNA. It’s called Plan B—after the first wave failed to take out Apex, the best backup option seems to be to try to figure out how they work and to control their impending rise. But Plan B has a serious catch: it requires that the true story of everyone in the camp be kept secret. And because there’s been a lot of attention drawn to the place recently (what with a Federal Agent’s body being discovered there and a near-riot happening outside the gates), secret-keeping is looking less and less like an option.

So there’s a plan for that, too. One that involves wiping out the entire population of the camp and making it look like a mass suicide. That’s where Paul comes in, once again. His wife convinces him to record a video claiming that the second wave’s arrival was really the group suicide attempt of a crazy religious cult—one that 450 of them succeeded at. The rest, says traitor Paul, will follow them. Soon. It’s the perfect alibi for mass murder.


Back at the camp, however, it would appear that Naomi has a Plan C. She’s recruited Rebecca and a handful of other arrivals in order to… actually, we have no idea what she’s up to. But it sounds dangerous. Naomi calls herself a prophet, and in a way, she’s right. She knows the future and she knows the patterns of the past. But what will she use that knowledge to do?

5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode of The Crossing

1. Who is that mystery woman the cops picked up at the rally—the one who refuses to say who she is and where she’s from? Could she be a rogue first waver?

2. It looks like Roy has decided to help Hannah while Marshall continues to be completely useless. Shouldn’t it be Roy’s picture in that locket?

3. What’s going to happen to Sophie when she experiments on herself with Reece’s DNA? According to Reece herself, her chances aren’t good…

4. What is Naomi’s end game? Will she lead the others out of the camp? Will she be the link between now and a future full of Apex?

5. Our allegiances are really starting to turn. Who are the real bad guys here: Apex or the humans trying to stop them?


The Crossing airs Mondays at 10e 7p on CTV. Watch the full episode here.