The Crossing Recap: Some Dreamers Of The Golden Dream Finally Wake Up


Good morning, Naomi. After spending weeks in a coma, the young refugee woman with the strange branding on her shoulder wakes up—and gets to work. What kind of work does a detainee from the future possibly have to do? Grab some markers and redecorate, apparently. But it’s her choice of decor that puts people in the camp on edge. In a single day, Naomi covers the walls of her cabin in characters unrecognisable to anyone from 2018. The writing is familiar to Caleb and others in the camp though—it’s the script used by Apex. Naomi isn’t one of them, but she’s an insider in another way.

Leah, too, recognises the script. On a trip into town with a bus full of other refugees, she wanders around a souvenir shop and is handed a postcard with the same script on it. Immediately, we know it’s a message from Reece and the plan for a reunion between mother and daughter is set into motion. Jude helps, but after they pull off the escape, he realises something: it was way too easy.

Of course he’s right—Lindauer had planned on an ambush the entire time, and his team went in ready. Armed with tranquillisers, tasers, and tear gas they succeed in getting Leah back and managing to take down Reece (but not without suffering some casualties). It’s a heart-wrenching scene and an echo of actual headlines about children held separately from their parents after seeking refugee status in the US. Even the tasers seem a little too real.


The trip to town had seemed like an act of benevolence or an effort at transparency on Lindauer’s behalf, but the whole thing was a set up. Jude correctly suspects him of being part of the earlier migration and of keeping the refugees hidden so that they don’t spill the beans. So the weekly furloughs from camp are both a way to distract Jude’s superiors and a way to get Reece.

In town Hannah is reunited with Marshall and it’s obvious that there’s a connection between them (it’s especially obvious to Hannah’s guard friend, Roy, who’s visibly jealous). Hannah tells Marshall the truth about the refugees but instead of deciding to help her, he freaks out and goes for a drink at a nearby bar. Cool move. The only shred of evidence she has to back up her story is the locket she lost on the beach. Things get super awkward when she finds it at an antique stall and Roy buys it back for her only to see Marshall’s photo inside.


5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode of The Crossing

1. Who gave the locket with Marshall’s picture in it to Hannah? Why is she reluctant to name them?

2. Rebecca tells Jude he made a terrible mistake returning Leah to her mother. What is she afraid of?

3. We knew something was off with Naomi the second she came out of her coma. Who is Eli and what is the ‘work’ she claims she has to get done? What does all the writing in her cabin mean?

4. What does it mean to be owned by Apex the way Naomi says she is? What use does Apex have for regular humans?

5. What is Lindauer going to do with Reece? We can only think of one thing: destroy her so that our era goes back to being Apex-free.


The Crossing airs Mondays at 10e 7p on CTV. Watch the full episode here.