The Crossing Recap: LKA Is A Visit To Jude’s Troubled Past And Last Known Address


Here’s why Jude had to high-tail it out of Oakland for Portland three years ago, leaving his wife (now ex) and son behind. During a drug bust led by his Sergeant, his partner Cory was taken down in a shootout which smelled suspiciously like a setup to Jude (hollow core door, shooter basically just lying in wait for the cops to come knocking). Jude being Jude just had to look into it: were Cory’s jokes about the Sergeant taking kickbacks from rival drug lords simply jokes, or was there something more to it? Duh: there was something more to it. But when Jude tried to get his powerful superior indicted, he ended up bringing the full weight of the Oakland police force down on his own head—and his guilty Sergeant walked.

Now Jude’s in an eerily similar position, attempting to reel in a much bigger fish: the US Department of Homeland Security. This time, however, Jude isn’t going to make the same mistakes. When something about a meeting his old contact Martin arranges for him feels off, Jude bails, fixing his own face-to-face with Lindauer so that it plays out exactly as Jude wants it to (we’ll find out what the repercussions for two small town cops taking the powerful Lindauer into custody are later).


It hasn’t been a good week for Lindauer. Discontent at the camp and suspicions over the newly installed electrified perimeter fence have led to a leak: photos of the camp sent out by Caleb (thanks to Hannah’s new phone) and circulated on conspiracy theory websites by Marshall and his super enthusiastic pal. The photos lead to a search of the camp and (eventually) a bust in which Caleb confronts the guards and tosses the phone in to a pond (and then breaks the leg of the rat who snitched on him).

Meanwhile, Sophie’s plan to break Leah out of the camp and reunite her with her mother is thwarted. Lindauer suspects her of using Reece to heal Leah (after all, he knows full well there is no cure for what the little girl has) and revokes her access to the camp so that she’s cut off from both Leah and her research. She wasn’t prepared for this, but Reece was…


5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode of The Crossing   

1. What’s wrong with Sophie and does she want Reece’s stem cells just for herself or does she actually want to cure others? And could that cure be the first step towards the rise of Apex?

2. What does Reece plan on doing with that giant gun she bought from the Russians? We get it, she’s Apex, but there’s a camp full of highly trained security guards surrounding her daughter.

3. Now that Jude has Lindauer in custody, what’s he going to do with him? The guy still gets his one phone call… that alone should spring him.

4. Rebecca, one of the camp refugees, has begun to suspect that Reece (aka an Apex) is nearby—is that going to lead to come kind of chaos in the camp? Will they fight her alongside the guards?

5. Is anyone ever going to figure out what happened to Agent Ren? Or uncover that photo she saw of Lindauer?


The Crossing airs Mondays at 10e 7p on CTV. Watch the full episode here.