The Crossing Recap: Ten Years Gone Reveals The First Wave’s Original Plan


The first wave of time travellers from the future arrived in Port Canaan in 2008, the year Obama was elected, and the year that Marshall’s dad drove his family off a cliff in a crash that killed his wife and ruined his son’s life. Was he drunk? That’s the consensus around town—it’s even the story that the driver himself has begun to tell.

But before that, before he gave up and decided to take the blame, he told a different story, one about a group of people appearing suddenly, as if out of nowhere, in the centre of the road. That’s why he swerved and that’s why his wife was killed. But when the authorities came to investigate, there wasn’t anyone around for miles. So the drunk driving story was the one that stuck.


Lately, however, Marshall’s been having dreams and flashbacks to the accident. Suddenly, he remembers all those people, too. He even recognizes one in particular when he sees the man’s headshot (RIP) on Jude’s desk. His story doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to his super sad dad, but it means something to Jude.

Marshall’s memories corroborate what some of the refugees in the camp were saying: that there was an earlier migration, a first wave that arrived about a decade before they managed to. This week, we find out what that cabal of time travellers has been up to: using their knowledge of the future to secure positions amongst the highest echelons of American society (tech, politics, etc.)…so that they can take out the 27 people responsible for the evolution of Apex. It’s no wonder they’re so alarmed about the arrival of new refugees. It means all their efforts (read: killing) didn’t manage to change the future.


While they discuss what to do next, (find Reece alive and dissect her, dispose of Agent Ren’s body, kill a whole bunch of people who carry “the marker”) the doctor Reece has been holding hostage finally manages to get access to a lab where they can extract Reece’s bone marrow and cure her daughter, Leah. All goes well and Leah begins to heal extraordinarily quickly…which makes Dr. Sophie wonder what else Reece’s marrow could cure. Uh oh. This sounds a bit too much like the makings of a race of superhumans to us.

5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode

1. The second wave of refugees arriving means that the first wave failed in their efforts to wipe out Apex, right? Or does the second wave arriving (with Reece) CAUSE the creation of Apex? It’s like that whole fate thing Marshall and his girlfriend were discussing…

2. Why was Hannah’s call to Marshall so rushed? What’s been going on in the camp?

3. Will the fact that Sophie now has access to Reece’s bone marrow mean that she could be the key to an Apex-filled future?

4. The first wave of refugees decide that they have to destroy everyone that carries “the marker”—does that mean killing everyone on the planet with a certain genetic marker that predisposes them to have Apex potential?

5. What’s with the creepy branding mark the camp doctors find on that little girl’s neck? What does it mean and who put it there?


The Crossing airs Mondays at 10e 7p on CTV. Watch the full episode here.