The Crossing Recap: Agent Ren Looks Deep Into The Face Of Oblivion

the crossing

How tidy would it be to declare this refugee mystery the work of a bunch of cult weirdos and call it a day? Poor Agent Ren—just when she appeared to be close to cracking the whole case wide open she gets gunned down (by a possible first-wave refugee). She had been attempting to do one of the refugees a solid by running a facial recognition program on a sketch her gave her of his wife. Paul, the refugee, claims she was one of the people who arrived in the crossing ahead of his own. He doesn’t know where (or when) she landed or if she even made it, but he’s determined to find her.

Partly out of kindness but mostly out of curiosity, Emma chases the lead and tracks down a woman who says that, yes, she is Paul’s wife. Only they’re not a pair of refugee time-travellers. They’re a couple of former New Yorkers—Paul was a Wall Street guy before he joined a cult… a cult whose members claim to be from the future. Convenient, right? Paul’s wife even offers to show her some old letters and pamphlets from her husband’s early cult days. Instead, she shows Agent Ren the working end of a handgun just as she’s beginning to suspect that the woman’s story is a lie.


Back at the camp, Luke is put in his place by Caleb and told that if he threatens Hannah again, he’s in serious trouble (like the kind you don’t come back from). And while Hannah is off the hook when it comes to Luke (it’s such a relief to find out you don’t have to shiv a guy), it probably isn’t going to help her case as a collaborator now that Caleb has found the phone that Tommy, the guy she met at the fair, sent to her (via drone—so futuristic).

Instead of dodging SWAT teams, Reece gets to spend the entire episode babysitting Oliver—or at least pretending to. Really, she’s kidnapped him and is holding him hostage until she gets to see her daughter. Hey, at least the kid finally got to go fishing! The mother-daughter reunion is completely impossible though. Reece can’t go into the camp or she’ll be captured as an Apex freak and dissected in some government laboratory. Leah can’t leave the camp or she’ll infect all of humanity with the virus she brought with her from the future. Instead, Reece agrees to hand over Oliver (it seems like she was going to all along) in exchange for Dr. Forbin and a promise to help cure Leah. But will it work when Apex mother and adopted daughter can’t even see each other?

5 questions we’ll be thinking about until the next episode

1. Is Agent Ren dead? In this new era of television, shows seem to have no fear of killing off a central character at the drop of a hat.

2. Why are Paul’s wife and the rest of the first-wave refugees so concerned about protecting their identities? Is it a simple fear of being taken into custody and forced to live in a camp or is there something bigger going on?

3. We still don’t know who Tommy is to Hannah. Will she be forced to tell Caleb what she knows about him?

4. Agent Ren has a meeting set with Jude that she probably won’t be showing up at in the morning… will it be enough to get him looking for her?

5. Who else is just waiting for virus to make its way out of that biohazard tent?


The Crossing airs Mondays at 10e 7p on CTV. Watch the full episode here.