5 Reasons The Crossing Is The New Lost

The Crossing

Conspiracy theorists, rejoice: The Crossing is about to satisfy that empty feeling you’ve had since Lost went off the air. The new series, set to premiere on CTV on April 2, is an hour-long fusion of the sci-fi and thriller genres with a group of mysterious (read: somewhat untrustworthy) “refugees” at the centre of the story.

The recent arrivals claim to come from a war-torn country and are asking for asylum in a small American fishing town. Except the country these people are from is America—and the war they’re trying to outrun? It hasn’t happened yet. Now the government (plus one small town sheriff) must try to uncover the truth behind the migration, and fast… because there’s a reason the clock is ticking.

We’ve seen a preview of the first episode (more on that later) and it’s already giving us serious Damon Lindelof vibes. Here are five reasons The Crossing will make you feel like Lost is finally back in your life.


1. Time travel is a central theme


Just like on Lost, where the island the survivors were marooned on seemed to jump around through space and time, The Crossing will make you wonder where and when we really are.


2. You can’t trust anyone


A total of 47 living people wash up in a beach claiming to be refugees from the future. Cult members seems more likely—especially since they’re all wearing outfits that are very 2018. Not a single metallic unitard wearer among them.


3. The people in power have ulterior motives


Without spoiling anything, we’ll just say that this is an America where everyone from the head of the Department of Homeland Security all the way up to the President could be conspiring against everyday citizens. Just like on Lost. Or in real life.


4. Some characters have supernatural abilities


The refugees say that a race of superhumans called Apex are behind the phenomenon. So who’s Apex and who isn’t?


5. The mystery of it all will hook you from episode one


Remember how you felt when you first met the survivors of Oceanic flight 815? Imagine that, except there’s no airplane. Or boat. Or derailed train. Or clown car. These survivors appear out of thin air (technically water, but you get the point).


The Crossing stars Steve Zahn (War For The Planet of The Apes) and Natalie Martinez (Death Race). You can catch a sneak peek of the entire first episode starting today on CTV.ca. Go here to watch until March 30 and check back on April 2 for the official broadcast premiere.