Watch Emma Watson Being Watched In A New Trailer For The Circle

The second official trailer for The Circle, a sci-fi drama based on the 2013 novel by David Eggers, was released on Thursday.

The Circle follows young go-getter Mae Holland as she transforms from an unassuming call center worker into a high-level member of a prestigious, yet darkly mysterious, tech company. The film has a star-studded cast, with Emma Watson playing Mae, Tom Hanks and Patton Oswalt playing Circle co-founders Eamon Bailey and Tom Stenton, and Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan playing Mae’s friend Annie. Canadian actress Ellen Wong is also in the film as Renada and John Boyega plays the enigmatic Kalden, someone who—like The Force Awakens’ Finn—seems to want to break out of an establishment that he was once a crucial part of.

The first trailer for The Circle was released back in December but this new, slightly longer preview gives us more insight into how and why Mae becomes a cog in the giant, information-obsessed machine that is the Circle, as well as how Kalden and Mercer (Boyhood’s Ellar Coltrane) factor in to the story. We also get a better idea of just how unnervingly creepy and invasive the members of the Circle can be, as two of Mae’s fellow employees are shown criticizing Mae for not attending company events and asking about her father’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis prior to Mae ever telling them about it.

As the trailer indicates, The Circle explores the implications that come with the authorization of constant surveillance—a reality that isn’t too far off if Black Mirror is to be believed.

But The Circle director, co-producer and screenwriter James Ponsoldt recently told Entertainment Weekly that he doesn’t want the film to be just another two-dimensional PSA about the potential evils of technology, saying that “There is maybe a debate that’s happening in cyber punk kind of novels—like 30, 35 years ago, or films from the ’90s—that were asking, does technology bring us closer together or push us further apart? To me, that feels sort of tired.”

The trailer certainly makes The Circle look interesting and we’re looking forward to the April 28 release date, but we’re still not completely convinced that Tom Hanks can pull off creepy and menacing.