The Cast Of ‘Mad Max’ Tells Us How They Shot Those Insane Stunts


Warner Bros.

It’s impossible to walk away from a showing of this weekend’s Mad Max: Fury Road and not be impressed with the (literally) explosive action and stunts. The cast rode around on the hoods of cars, flew through the air (not always with the greatest of ease) and generally kicked ass all around in the new movie.

At a press day ahead of the release of the film, MTV News asked the high-caliber cast what it was like going through the bonkers action sequences.

“It was constant,” star Charlize Theron said. “Every day was a stunt day. Usually it’s one stunt day.”

Three units shot at once on the movie, meaning the action was everywhere, all the time.

Though the whole cast kicked some ass, not everyone was totally fearless about shooting the action.

“Every bone in my body says don’t do that,” Nicholas Hoult said. “Says ’you will die.’”

Spoiler: Nicholas Hoult lived to tell the tale.

Check out the clip below to hear more about the cast’s stunt work.