This Video Makes The Guy Who Created Superman Look Like The Ultimate Fanboy


Anyone who remembers Canada’s Heritage Moments campaign knows that a pair of high school kids, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, created Superman and sold the character to DC Comics back in the 1930s. But what did that process look like? The answer: hilarious!

According to this new YouTube clip, anyway. Studio C’s “The Birth of Superman” sketch imagines the (totally fake) brainstorming sesh during which a team of eager young creatives come up with a concept for Superman. In it, one especially keen proto-fanboy appears to be taking things way too far—until you realize that he’s just listing all of Superman’s actual abilities… like super-breath, super-vision, super-singing, and control over the orbit and rotation of the Earth.

With Krypton’s third episode coming at us this Wednesday night, the spoof video is basically the best way to get ready for the new series’ latest instalment of the new super origin story—plus there’s a bonus shout out to Batman, too. Check out the video below.