The BFG Star Ruby Barnhill Tests Steven Spielberg’s Knowledge Of Himself

Steven Spielberg’s take on Roald Dahl’s The BFG premiered at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend—and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. According to TIME, Spielberg “gets the tone just right” and Variety called it an “instant family classic.” After reading the reviews, the legendary director probably breathed a sigh of relief, but he still had at least one reason to be nervous: the film’s star Ruby Barnhill was waiting to confront him with some challenging Spielberg trivia. While the director fared moderately well—particularly when it came to The BFG—he was also repeatedly stumped. Here’s your chance to see if you know more about Spielberg than Spielberg.

How old is E.T.?


Spielberg guessed that the iconic alien was around 300 when he starred in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, but he was 9.999 million years shy of the correct answer.

The Amblin logo first appeared onscreen in what film?


While Spielberg remembers launching the company in the wake of E.T., he couldn’t remember precisely what film used the logo first. He guessed summer of 1985’s Back to the Future, but he was a year late. The correct movie? Summer of 1984’s Gremlins.

What instrument does Spielberg play in Jaws?


In this case, Spielberg had no trouble remembering the correct answer: clarinet. As the director recalls, John Williams had a very good reason for tapping into his limited abilities as a clarinettist. “We had a high school marching band,” he said of a key scene in Jaws. “Of course, we used professional session players, some of them form the L.A. Philharmonic. Great players. Johnny Williams felt like it sounded too good to be a high school band.” It turns out Spielberg was just bad enough to make the whole band sound convincing.

What year did Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom take place?


Spielberg remembered that Raiders of the Lost Ark was set in 1936 and concluded that the sequel was set in 1938, only to be informed that it’s actually a prequel—set in 1935. “George Lucas forgot to tell me it was a prequel,” he said. “I don’t do prequels. I might not have done it if I had known that.”

The BFG will have a big, friendly effect on moviegoers when it arrives in theatres on July 1. Watch the movie’s star grill Spielberg here and watch the trailer below.