The Best Coffee This Side of Gallifrey


Doctor Who

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If Starbucks sleeves always looked like this, we’d never throw them in the recycling bin. Alas, Indiana artist Jessica Beauchamp is just one person—one Doctor Who-loving, coffee-chugging, sleeve-drawing person who has turned an item we’re accustomed to tossing in the trash into small pieces of delightfully nerdy Who-related art.

If only we could find her a TARDIS and send her to every coffee shop on the continent.



Beauchamp has sketched a series of Who heroes and villains, cleverly using coffee sleeves as her canvas. The freelance artist has immortalized every single Doctor (plus a few choice foes and, somewhat inexplicably,Breaking Bad’s Walter White), capturing their likeness on cardboard using coloured pencils and posting them on her Tumblr for the rest of us coffee (or tea) drinkers to enjoy.


While we adore her series of Doctors, our favourite has to be the Dalek sleeve. Because who among us hasn’t felt like exterminating everything in site when we can’t get our hands on a morning cup of coffee?